World Cancer Research Fund Hong Kong

11 Feb

WCRF HKWorld Cancer Research Fund Hong Kong is a unique charity dedicated to the prevention of cancer through the promotion of healthy diet and nutrition, physical activity and weight management. WCRF HK is committed to providing cancer research and education programmes which expand understanding of the importance of food and lifestyle choices in the cancer process. WCRF HK’s unique strength lies in the World Cancer Research Fund global network, an international alliance of national member charities backed by cancer, nutrition and lifestyle experts from around the world.

WCRF HK  guidelines-circlesWCRF HK’s work in Hong Kong began in 2002 when they set up their local office and began working with the Department of Health to produce a series of cancer prevention publications to benefit the general public of Hong Kong. WCRF HK was invited to join the Department of Health’s Cancer Expert Working Group (CEWG) in 2003 and has contributed expertise on cancer prevention and helped the government formulate guidelines on cancer prevention for public health in Hong Kong since then. WCRF HK’s Recommendations for Cancer Prevention were largely endorsed in the Report of the CEWG published in 2005. The CEWG is currently reviewing and updating the guidelines for cancer prevention.

wcrf hk 3Their Mission: A goal of WCRF HK is to inform and educate men, women and children on the prevention of disease and the importance of healthy diets and lifestyles, especially in view of Asia’s dramatically changing food pattern in recent years and the lessons learned from SARS. Since 2002, WCRF HK has been actively working with the HK Department of Health and the local health community to promote their cancer prevention message through different education materials, seminars, campaigns and programmes. While WCRF HK continues to fund local scientific research looking into the relationship between food, nutrition and cancer, they also update local health professionals with the latest global scientific evidence on the role of diet and lifestyle in cancer prevention.

Volunteering: Become a Friend of WCRF HK by joining them as a volunteer! By volunteering for WCRF HK, you will be helping in the fight to prevent cancer here in Hong Kong and worldwide. Voluntary support enables WCRF HK to keep costs down, and hence allows them to spread them cancer prevention message further than would otherwise be possible.

Volunteer opportunities include:
– Fundraising events e.g. Beat the Banana! Charity Run
– Distributing promotional materials
– Office administration work
For further information please visit their website

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