Ronald McDonald House

16 Feb

PrintSick children need more than good medical attention. They need emotional support from their parents, brothers and sisters. Families, in turn, need comfort as they find their day-to-day problems are often compounded. They may have traveled a distance for medical care, and may have to pay expensive accommodation costs. Ronald McDonald House provides a resting-place in lieu of hospital corridors and floors, and is a source of additional strength and stability for families when a child is seriously ill.

rmd house hkWith the grand opening of Asia’s first Ronald McDonald House in September 1996, these children and their families have a place to rest and spend time together.

The House is a program of Ronald McDonald House Charities Hong Kong Limited, an independent non-profit organization. As the House addresses a very real need in the community, the government provided a land grant near the Prince of Wales Hospital.Additional contributions come from their Board of Directors, members of the community, rmd house hk 2local businesses, health professionals and McDonald’s customers. The day-to-day operation is the responsibility of a House manager, an assistant manager, an administrative secretary, housekeeper and a staff of caring volunteers. As many as 80-100 volunteers actively donate their time and energy to help the House run smoothly.

Volunteering: Ronald McDonald House needs your help in the daily operation, special activities and the annual large scale fundraising event. Your talents and time are always valued with gratitude by RMH and the house guests. There must be a room for you to contribute to this house that love built.

Service opportunities
Weekly volunteer (minimum service commitment – 3 hours per week for 3 months)
Be RMH’s welcoming host by
– handling phone calls
– welcoming families at reception desk
– providing administrative work
– assisting in fundraising preparation work

House keeping volunteer
Be RMH’s hygiene and tidiness guard by
– helping their housekeepers in maintaining a clean and decent living environment for the weak patients and the house guests
– providing light house cleaning work like tidying beds, cleaning the kitchen, etc

rmd house hk 3Relief volunteer
Be RMH’s close companion by relieving their full-time staff’s caring duties during weekends and holidays, so that they can recharge at ease by
– assisting the administrative work, housekeeping, interact with sick children
Additional requirements for relief volunteer:
– 20 years old or above
– Mature and independent individual
– Couples and families are also welcomed to provide service
– Duties scheduled on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
– Minimum service commitment – 3 times of service a year
In-depth information to be provided to selected parties

Volunteer editor
Be RMH’s gateway to the community through editing their publications by
– taking up editorial role in their quarterly newsletter
– conducting interviews for the issues
– designing the layout of the issues

Fundraising volunteer
Be the key parties to attract public’s support in RMH’s fundraising events to keep the House running healthily
– supporting in fundraising events
– promoting the House to general public

Special event volunteer
Be RMH’s passionate carers in special events in festivals, to give their house guests warmth and support
– planning and assisting in special events such as Parent’s Day programme, Mid-Autumn Celebration, etc

General Requirements (except for Relief volunteers)
– 16 years old or above
– Proactive, friendly and good team player who can work independently
– Committed to provide service continually for one year, with at least 3 htheirs of service a month
– Service on weekends or public holiday might be needed
– Interview and house tour their will be arranged for potential applicants

For more information on these as well as group volunteering opportunities, please visit their website.


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