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Volunteer as a Guest Teacher with i-Future

2 Oct

i-Future Teens International Foundation Limited was founded in 2016 by prominent Hong Kong entrepreneur cum philanthropists, Ms. Kelly Li, Mr. Kelvin Wu, Ms. Alexandra Qian and Ms. Polly Chan. They were inspired by both IMC Weekend School, a Dutch-based United Nation winning motivation-directed children education charity program.

Their Vision
To provide developmental opportunities and exposures to children and youth from under-resourced neighborhoods in Hong Kong to inspire them to identify their own talents and dreams, and become self-confident, motivated, responsible, creative and happy global citizens.

Their Objectives
* To help children and youth broaden their perspectives
* To enhance children and youth’s self-confidence and motivations in learning including their interest in learning English
* To help children and youth actualize their individuals’ potentials
* To help children and youth establish a better sense of connectedness to the global community

Volunteer as a Guest Teacher
Students at i-Future Weekend School are taught by professionals, who apart from having the knowledge and skills, are passionate about their jobs.

The roles of i-Future guest teachers include:
* Inspiring and motivating their students to consider if they may want to pursue the professions that they are in.
* Preparing short presentations which usually include their personal growth stories, challenges they have encountered and a brief introduction of the job possibilities in their own fields.
* Leading a 30 minutes game/exercise to inspire their students to think about possible skill sets that may be required in their profession.

Guest teachers that i-Future is looking for (including but not limited to):
* Environmental Protection Specialist
* Journalist
* Astronomer
* Aviation Professionals
* Historian
* Scientist
* Psychologist
* Athlete
* Health Professionals
* Lawyer
* Artist
* Businessman
* Chef
* Magician
* Designer

If you are interested in becoming an i-Future volunteer teacher, please sign up/ login now. For more information on the lesson topics, please refer to their schedule.


Beers For Books 4 Year Anniversary!

9 Jun

You’re invited to Room to Read’s Beers for Books 4-Year Anniversary on Wednesday, 14th of June from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. To get you in the summer and tropical mood, they have collaborated with Wahtiki Island Lounge who will generously donate HKD$10 per drink purchased and will be kindly matched by Hilton 1:1.

Each drink purchased would help to publish 2 local-language children’s books to children in need!

Exciting Raffle Prizes to be won thanks to sponsors: Linguini Fini, Ruinart, Americraft, Peroni, Tatcha, Watsons Wine etc…

Due to LIMITED capacity, please RSVP by emailing Room to Read at cherry.ng@roomtoread.org Please put RSVP14June in the subject line

Date: Wednesday, 14 of June

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Place: Wahtiki Island Lounge,3rd Floor, Seabird House, 22-28 Wyndham Street, Central

About Room to Read: Room to Read envisions a world in which all children can pursue a quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world.

room to read 2To achieve this goal, Room to Read focuses on two areas where they believe Room to Read can have the greatest impact: literacy and gender equality in education. Room to Read works in collaboration with communities and local governments across Asia and Africa to develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the life skills they’ll need to succeed in school and beyond by building and stocking libraries, building bright ventilated classrooms, publishing books in the local language, training educators and providing one-on-one support to teachers, and supporting girls to stay in school by providing material support—such as school fees, clean uniforms or transportation, in addition to mentoring and life skills training to help girls succeed in the classroom and beyond.

room to read john-woodFor more information please visit their website.

Volunteer with PathFinders and help vulnerable children born in Hong Kong

26 Feb

Every child born in Hong Kong deserves a fair start in life. PathFinders ensures that the most vulnerable children born in Hong Kong, and their migrant mothers, are respected and protected.

pathfindersFor PathFinders, the journey began in 2007 when co-founders Kylie Uebergang and Melissa Mowbray-d’Arbela rescued four babies born to migrant women in Hong Kong. Realising a gap in Hong Kong society where women and babies go undocumented and unprotected, PathFinders was founded on the belief that no child should be born alone and deprived of medical support, shelter and identity. Since 2008, PathFinders has served more than 4,000 babies, children and women. A respected charity committed to supporting the welfare of children by providing child protection, mothers’ protection, counselling, shelter, food, access to health, access to education and access to legal support, demand for their services grow from year to year. These numbers are likely to continue growing as more migrant workers enter Hong Kong each year.

One life at a time, PathFinders help mothers make informed decisions about their life. PathFinders are successfully removing their children from risk and are ensuring these children are part of safe and nurturing homes. Here are a few examples showing how PathFinders influences local policies and practices:
– Migrant women who have overstayed their visas as a result of becoming pregnant and losing their employment are no longer turned away from NGOs and government departments because of incomplete documentation.
– Migrant children can now be adopted in Hong Kong through Hong Kong’s Social Welfare Department.
– Migrant children adopted in Hong Kong now have the right of Unconditional Stay, which entitles them to legitimately claim their place in Hong Kong and call it their home.
– The time required for an undocumented migrant child to obtain a Hong Kong birth certificate has been reduced by 75%.
– Hong Kong birth certificates are now certified by the Indonesian Consulate, ensuring that children born to Indonesian mothers in Hong Kong are recognized by the Indonesian government and have access to basic services and education in Indonesia.

pathfinders-logoJoin PathFinders in making a difference. PathFinders is looking for volunteers who are motivated and passionate about helping children and their migrant mothers and here are ways in which you can help.

Playtime with Toddlers
pathfinders-2By assisting PathFinders to run the workshop smoothly, you will help to create a calm learning environment that enables their beneficiaries to get the most out of the class. Your contribution will help their migrant mothers to gain the skills and knowledge that they need to take charge of their lives.

Supplies Distribution
PathFinders have Clothes Collection Day once a month for their beneficiaries to collect some much needed items. PathFinders needs volunteers to help with sorting and distributing supplies and with babysitting. Please help them look after children who are 3 years old and under.

Sunday Outreach Programme
PathFinders is striving to raise public awareness on maternity rights for domestic workers by distributing information packs at different parks on Sundays. Please come and join them.

Education Programme – Life skills educators
PathFinders is looking for individuals who are knowledgeable in topics relevant to their beneficiaries’ daily lives to facilitate their weekly group meetings. They are also open to new topic suggestions! Topics covered include:
– Personal empowerment
– Parenting
– Women’s health
– Legal rights
– Relationships & culture

Access to Healthcare Programme
pathfinders-1Many of PathFinders’ beneficiaries, particularly newborns and mothers in the last stages of pregnancy, are in critical need of medical care but are unable to afford treatment. PathFinders is looking for medical professionals who can provide pro bono, basic medical services for expectant mothers and children. They are especially seeking registered professionals operating in Kowloon.

Meet and Greet with PathFinders Limited
If you would like to learn more about PathFinders’ services, please come and join their volunteers workshop. For more information, please visit their website or register to volunteer by following this link.

Sprouts Foundation

4 Nov

sprouts-logoThe Sprouts Foundation was established in 2008 by the Shuper family, to create a legacy of social responsibility with a focus on disadvantaged children in Asia. Sprouts began as a family commitment, providing mainly financial assistance to a variety of projects in children’s health and education in China, India, Hong Kong and Nepal.

With growing experience, and with the benefit of extensive family backgrounds in education, the Shupers increasingly focused the efforts of Sprouts to:
sprouts-2– Provide high-quality, student-centric and activity-based education, to
– Advance children from the lowest income groups in their respective locations, with a particular
– Focus on English-language and IT education, in order to
– Provide high-quality, student-centric and activity-based education, to
– Advance children from the lowest income groups in their respective locations, with a particular focus on English-language and IT education, in order to
– Substantially improve students’ self-confidence as well as their future employment prospects, while ensuring that Sprouts
– Measure the results of their projects, thereby giving them the data to
– Promote systemic changes in local curricula, capturing those aspects of their programs that most demonstrably enrich students over the medium-to-long term.

sprouts-1In September 2011, the Sprouts Foundation and its partners — Po Leung Kuk (PLK), and Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) — established The PLK, Sprouts Foundation and HKRU Education Services Centre (ESC).

The ESC provides after-school language training — as well as broader life-skills development — to nearly 250 low-income children in Tai Wai, New Territories. Tai Wai is a district where 22% of the population has no further education beyond primary school, and most children attending the ESC come from households living on less than HK$200 per day. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, as of February 2013 Hong Kong remains one of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live, surpassing any city in the United States or UK.

sprouts-3The ESC currently operates two programmes in Hong Kong, its PRIMARY section for children aged 6-12, and the recently-opened SECONDARY section, launched in September 2013 as an extension for students aged 13-16.

What you can do to help
If you are interested in sharing your time with children the Sprouts Foundation’s work supports, please let them know how you would like to help. Sprouts Foundation and the children appreciate any time spent with them, be it teaching a short course or a sport, telling a story, chaperoning a weekend activity or guiding them through school life. Please check and fill in your interest on the form in the attached link, or contact Sprouts Foundation via info@sproutsfoundation.org.

Changing Young Lives Foundation

25 Oct

changing-young-lives-foundation-logoChildren are born to live their lives to the fullest. However, their fate is not in their own hands. In a city as prosperous as Hong Kong, there are 332,000 children and youngsters* living in poverty. Many of these youngsters have not been identified and are forgotten. In the Mainland, there are many more children in similar or more dire circumstances who need our help.

changing-young-lives-foundation-2Children are precious and should be protected and guided from a tender age. Changing Young Lives Foundation reaches out to children in need and gives them a brighter future. Since their inception, Changing Young Lives Foundation has launched protection, education, development and participation programmes in Hong Kong and the Mainland. They work with children from disadvantaged families in Hong Kong and those in the poorest regions of rural China.

changing-young-lives-foundation-3Changing Young Lives Foundation serves underprivileged young people in Hong Kong and the Mainland and seek to change their lives for the better. They support and inspire them to work towards a better life through educational and developmental programmes which nurture the mind, body and spirit. They help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to realize their full potential and lead happy and productive lives. Changing Young Lives Foundation works in the spirit of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and they promote these rights in their services.

changing-young-lives-foundation-4Changing Young Lives Foundation’s vision is of a world where children of all ages are protected from abuse, neglect and exploitation and kept safe at all times, where they have shelter, food, health care and education. These are the basic requirements for the sound development of all children. They see young people, who are at risk or disadvantaged, trusting and believing in themselves and feeling good about who they are and all the great things they can do. They see them exploring and realizing their talents and abilities to the fullest, and having the self-assurance and courage to reach out for their dreams.

What you can do to help?
Changing Young Lives Foundation seeks volunteers to help with a number of services and activities including tutoring, mentoring, skill coaching & training and also fundraising, survey & research, etc. If you would like to help, please follow this link, download and complete the Volunteer Form and submit.

Help Changing Young Lives Foundation change young lives for the better.

* Source : Summary of Statistics on Poverty 2012 and Proposal on Low Income Supplement, issued by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

Urgent appeal: donate to children hit by hurricane in Haiti NOW

15 Oct

haiti-2Hurricane Matthew — the strongest Caribbean storm in a decade — has swept through Haiti last week. Struggling to recover from the destruction caused by the earthquake and cholera outbreak in 2010, the country is now threatened by Hurricane Matthew, with an estimated of at least 77,000 houses destroyed or damaged, 99,000 families affected and over 4 million children at risk.

The roofs and tree branches flew away. Water started coming in, things were flying everywhere… no one could get hold of them, ” explains 13-year-old Dicejour Gelin, whose house was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

UNICEF teams are at a race against time to save lives. Tons of humanitarian supplies, including drinking water, mobile water bladders and purification tablets, and basic medical and health supplies are on the way to affected areas.

Alarm over the outbreak of cholera
haitiCholera has killed nearly 10,000 people in Haiti since the earthquake in 2010. The aftermath of the hurricane, combined with the start of the rainy season and poor sanitation coverage, will only exacerbate the risk of diseases. So, UNICEF‘s first priority is ensuring access to safe and clean drinking water. UNICEF’s specialists for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene are now working with the Haitian government and partners to fight water-borne diseases, including cholera, diarrhoea, malaria and worm infestations.

In times of disaster, children are the most vulnerable. UNICEF urgently need your support to help deliver lifesaving essentials and give them access to clean water, proper nutrition and safe shelter. Donate NOW to help children survive from the disaster by clicking on this link!

About UNICEF Hong Kong:
unicef logoThe Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) was founded in 1986 and was established as an independent local non-government organization to raise funds through public donations, partnerships with companies, special events, etc. to support UNICEF’s work. UNICEF HK also promotes and advocates for children’s rights via organizing education and youth programmes in Hong Kong.

CWS Lamma Fun Day 2016 – Volunteers Needed

13 Aug

Lamma Fun Day was established by Andrew Doig to raise money for Child Welfare Scheme (CWS). It is a free outdoor music festival and in its 16th year, is the longest running music event in Hong Kong. The event is great fun for music lovers and families, with food and market stalls, a licensed bar, arts & crafts and kids’ activities, as well as live music on the beach from 12 noon through to 10pm.

The organizing committee, Bands and musicians all donate their time for free, so the majority of money raised on the day is through sales at the licensed bar, which offers reasonably priced draft beer, house wines and soft drinks. There are also food stalls, donations and a charity auction that runs through the afternoon.

All proceeds go to CWS to support programmes to improve the Government education system in Nepal. The goal is to improve teaching quality, educational resources and infrastructure such as libraries, toilets, clean water, safe classrooms, computers etc. By making school safer, more fun and interesting children will stay in school longer, therefore protected from trafficking and exploitation.

To make this event a success CWS needs volunteers to help run the various stalls: from selling second hand items, to bar tending (18 and above only), to food stalls, help with the stage, the auction and much more. To sign up and to find up more about the event, please visit their website.

Date: Saturday, 12 November 2016

Time: 11 am – 10 pm

Place: Tai Wan To Beach, Lamma Island

About Child Welfare Scheme (CWS): CWS HK is a HK registered charity which was set up in 2003, initially to raise funds to support their partners in Nepal. CWS projects in Nepal are monitored by their dedicated team who work with local, grassroots NGOs to provide education, health care and social opportunities to children and their communities.