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Volunteer at the Hong Kong Arts Centre

19 May

Are you art lovers? Do you have time to spare? Join the Hong Kong Arts Centre as a volunteer! Their volunteers come from a variety backgrounds, helping with events and programmes and providing administrative support to the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Volunteers are also trained to give docent tours. Volunteers can participate in various types of service, depending on your knowledge, interest and availability. No previous experience is required.

* Aged 18 or above;
* Holder of the Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card;
* Fluent in at least one of the following languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English; and
* Be enthusiastic and enthusiastic about the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s vision and mission.

How to apply:
Please send your application with resume to hr@hkac.org.hk

About Hong Kong Arts Centre : Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) is a multi-arts centre that fosters artistic exchanges locally and internationally, bringing the most forward creations to Hong Kong and showcasing homegrown talents abroad.

HKAC stimulates innovation and promotes creativity. Being Hong Kong’s only independent non-profit multi-arts institution, HKAC offers exhibitions, screenings and performances, connecting the arts of Hong Kong to the rest of the world through programmes and collaborations.

In the past four decades, HKAC has been dedicated to building the local art ecosystem as well as facilitating cultural exchange between Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Aiming to make art accessible to wide public audiences, HKAC has presented over 2,000 programmes covering performing arts, visual arts, film and video arts, public art projects, art conferences, art festivals and more.

HKAC‘s education arm, the Hong Kong Art School (HKAS), was born in 2000 as an accredited institute staffed by a group of dedicated artists for the fostering of new talents for the local art scene. Its award-bearing curriculum focuses on four core academic areas: Fine Art, Applied Art, Media Art, and Applied Theatre and Drama Education. HKAC also diligently builds platforms at home and overseas to showcase potential local talents through measures such as curating exhibitions and commissioning projects.

At the juncture of its 40th anniversary, HKAC launched a rebranding and renovation project to strengthen its core concept of ‘Arts at the Centre‘ and to continue to promote internationally the development of Asian contemporary arts as well as the local art scene.


M+ Docent Volunteer Programme

15 May

If you are passionate about learning, sharing, and connecting with the public, it is time to join M+ as a docent! You will have the opportunity to lead interactive tours that bring M+s exhibitions and ideas to life.

M+ is recruiting a new group of docents. Please apply if you are:
* A natural storyteller who can help audiences connect with work in the M+ Pavilion gallery through engaging tours and conversations
* Someone who has strong communication skills and an ability to understand and be flexible, to respond to the needs of different audiences
* Friendly, cheerful, charismatic, and outgoing
* A self-motivated learner who is comfortable learning on your own and with others
* Willing to devote time and effort to M+ tours and the docent team
* Fluent in spoken Cantonese, English, and/or Mandarin
* Open to learn new ways of interpretation, methods of facilitation, and flexible approaches to tours
* Someone who has experience with leading tours, and a relevant academic background or knowledge of art, design, architecture, and moving image—but this is a bonus, not a must
* An M+ tour is not only a way to understand the works on display, but also an opportunity for visitors and docents to engage in an open conversation, to learn together and to share ideas and perspectives.

The M+ docent team plays an important role in facilitating fruitful and meaningful dialogue with audiences by connecting the works on view with daily encounters. Based on your own experience and interests, you can offer a unique interpretation of design and architecture, moving image, visual art and Hong Kong visual culture.

Expectation and Incentive: M+ asks docents to join them for at least one year. This is a particularly special time, as they are preparing to open the M+ building, their permanent home in the West Kowloon Cultural District. Docents who join now will be considered for priority placement in the first year that the museum building is open.

Docents join training sessions related to both content and facilitation skills and also practice leading tours. To maintain a certain standard, M+ arranges a review and evaluation session for each docent.

M+ offers a moderate stipend to support the cost of transportation. In addition, docents receive invitations to exhibition openings and have the chance to meet artists, curators, and practitioners.

Application: Please complete the personal statement form and upload it to the “Other Document” section of the online application form.

Download personal statement form here.

To Apply please follow this link

Deadline: Sunday, 2 June 2019

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview. Successful candidates are required to participate in M+’s docent training sessions before leading tours.

For enquiries, please write to learn.mplus@mplus.org.hk

About M+: M+ is a museum dedicated to collecting, exhibiting, and interpreting visual art, design and architecture, moving image, and Hong Kong visual culture of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District, M+ is building one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary visual culture in the world, with a bold ambition to establish themselves as one of the world’s leading cultural institutions. Their aim is to create a new kind of museum that reflects our unique time and place, a museum that builds on Hong Kong’s historic balance of the local and international to define a distinctive and innovative voice for Asia’s twenty-first century.

Sham Wan Underwater Survey/Cleanup 18 May

12 May

Sham Wan, Lamma Island is one of the few remaining nesting sites for Green Sea Turtles in Southern China and the only site in Hong Kong. The site is very important to the survival of this highly endangered species, hence it has been designated as a Restricted Area from June and October every year to minimize disturbance of this nesting site.

AquaMeridian is looking for experienced divers to join them for an underwater survey and possibly ghost net clean up in the area before it closes to the public.

Date: Saturday, 18 May 2019

Time: 10am-5pm

Place: Sham Wan, Lamma Island

Volunteers needed: Max. 12 divers – AquaMeridian will give priority to experienced divers who have DM license, conducted ghost net cleanups and/or underwater survey locally, photography/ videography etc. before.

Cost: The boat will be sponsored, but volunteers will need to bring their own gear and/or pay for the tank rental:
$340 – full gear + weight belt + tank
$120 – tank & weight belt only
$80 – tank only

Note : There are NO toilets/changing rooms on the boat. Please bring water, some snacks etc.

For more information, please contact Pandie (whatsapp +852 9525 9475)

About AquaMeridian: AquaMeridian Conservation and Education Foundation (AquaMeridian) is a registered Hong Kong-based non-profit organisation founded by celebrity and avid conservationist, Sharon Kwok in 2013. Sharon has worked in Hong Kong’s public broadcasting and cinematic field since 1987, and she is also a fine art major and makes use of this throughout the global Chinese Diaspora for advocacy.

AquaMeridian aims to educate and engage the public – particularly in Hong Kong – about conservation and sustainability issues through creative and cross-cultural programs.

Hong Kong, the “Fragrant Harbour”, is a city built on its relationship with the sea. Growing from a small fishing island to one of the busiest trading ports in the world, it has long been dependent on our local natural riches. But as our population and demand for resources grew, we neglected our roles as caretakers of the planet, with overfishing, ocean acidification, and pollution happening in our own waters.

Furthermore, Hong Kong acts as a hub for a thriving wildlife trade, with ivory and shark fin being bought and sold openly and legally. With Hong Kong long having been a multicultural bridge between the East and the West, as well as the gateway to China, increasing awareness of environmental issues within the city can have a far-reaching impact in the rest of Asia.

Oceans: Our Blue Challenge

11 May

Social entrepreneur STAN SHEA, wildlife warrior and Marine Director of BLOOM Association is giving an exclusive talk on his fight to protect ocean biodiversity. BLOOM fought and won major policy victories in the EU and Hong Kong. It is an example of how a small association can make a difference.

This will be a relaxed fireside chat; a 20 minutes interview followed by 40 minutes of Q&A with a small & engaged audience.

Topics that will be covered include:
• HK as a global crossroad of illegal wildlife trade
• Fighting Wildlife Crime: A first hand report
• How to change societal attitudes? Tangible steps & examples
• Insider tips on how to make real impact and be a driver of policy change

Years at the forefront of HK’s environmental movement have made Stan a renowned figure in the global fight for marine protection. An avid diver, Stan is notably an author of numerous researches on shark fin and seafood trade. He is also one of the editors of the Hong Kong Register of Marine Species.

Are you:
• A SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR or aspiring to become one?
• CONCERNED about protecting marine ecosystems
• An ENTHUSIAST concerned about Hong Kong’s disastrous environmental record?
Then this is a talk you need to come to.

Hosted by Earth.Org at The Hive Sheung Wan.

Date: Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Time: 7:30-8:30pm

Place: The Hive Sheung Wan, 33-35 Hillier St, Sheung Wan

Price: $50, incl. one drink
To register please follow this link

About BLOOM: BLOOM is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005 that works to preserve the marine environment and species from unnecessary destruction and to increase social benefits in the fishing sector. BLOOM wages awareness and advocacy campaigns in order to accelerate the adoption of concrete solutions for the oceans, humans and the climate. BLOOM carries out scientific research projects, independent studies, and evaluations that highlight crucial and unaddressed issues such as the financing mechanisms of the fishing sector. BLOOM’s actions are meant for the general public as well as policy-makers and economic stakeholders.

About Earth.Org: Earth.Org is a global environmental non-profit raising awareness about biodiversity loss and the deteriorating conditions of natural ecosystems worldwide. It advocates for better stewardship of natural resources and campaigns for countries to adopt principles of natural capital accountancy into their economic policy decisions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, AI, satellite images and cloud computing, Earth.Org presents accessible, synthesised and engaging content for educational, advocacy and policy purposes.

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

7 May

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association is a non-governmental organization which aims at providing quality community-based recovery-orientated services for people in recovery of mental illness, so as to help them develop their full potentials, attain a desirable quality of life and integrate into the society.

Their core services include residential services, vocational rehabilitation, community support, family support, self-help work, clinical psychological services, etc.

People in the recovery of mental illness are frequently faced with frustration, confusion, social-stigma as well as self-stigma while they are en route to recovery. Medication side-effects, difficulties in adapting to work, interpersonal relationship and family are just but a few burdens that are laid heavily on their shoulders. Volunteers are their dear supporters, rendering encouragement and loving care that they need in order to overcome the hurdles and regain a life with vitality and dignity.

Volunteers are also the driving force that helps change the general public’s attitude towards mental health issues. Due to either misconception or unawareness, or the combination of both, people, in general, are reluctant to face mental health problems head-on, often resulting in delayed intervention and stigma being developed towards people in recovery of mental illness. With their enthusiasm and positive attitudes, volunteers counter these negative thinking and help advocate community attention to mental health issues. The effects volunteers bring about would surely help people in recovery of mental illness integrate better into the society and develop their potential to the full.

If you are interested in joining as volunteers, please download and fill out the “Volunteer Application Formhere and send it back to the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association by mail or fax. (Address: 332 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon, Fax: 2770 9345). They will match volunteer work in accordance with your personal interests and preference so that you can invest your time, skills and experience to the community.

For enquiries, please contact:
Public Education Team
Tel: 2332 4343
Fax: 2770 9345
Email: ho@nlpra.org.hk

Employ PIRs
Though being stricken with mental disorders that confined them to the margin of the society, people in recovery of mental illness are devoted and loyal workers who are eager to contribute to the society with their talents and skills, and through the employment to earn what they need to live independently and with dignity in the community. Are you willing to trust them and give them a chance?

If you are a visionary employer who wants to accommodate the disabled, the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association will be there for you to provide job matching services, so that you would be able to find the suitable candidates to fit in the designated positions. Their service users come from different backgrounds, including people in recovery of mental illness, the mentally handicapped, people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the physically challenged, and the CSSA (Comprehensive Social Security Assistance) recipients who are unemployed and single parents. They have different levels of education, work experiences, abilities, and skills. The New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association will arrange for the trainees to conduct job interviews according to the job requirements and their respective skill-mix. Moreover, their caseworkers and placement officers will provide support and follow-up services for a duration of 3-6 months for the employers and employed trainees after they have been employed, so as to make sure that assistance is at hand when it is needed.

For employers who are interested in employing trainees, please contact Case Manager of Supported Employment Service at 2320 3103 or via email ses@nlpra.org.hk.

Forest Summer Camps

3 May

Not a volunteer opportunity, but if you are interested in the environment and are looking for something for your kids to do this summer that embraces the great outdoors, take a look at the Forest Summer Camps run by Ark Eden.

Ark Eden nature-based camps focus on nurturing Kids’ love of the outdoors, building their confidence and skills through natural play. Surrounded by nature on a hillside in Mui Wo, they host camps with different Nature themes each day for kids aged 5 to 11, packed with lots of fun!

Date: 17 June – 16 August

Price: $670 – $750 per day. Single of multi-day packages available

For more information and to register, please visit their website and scroll down to Forest Summer Camps.

About Ark Eden: Ark Eden presents Lantau Island as a living, world-class natural environmental wonder within China and Asia and suggests how its natural assets can be used to benefit education, local communities, Hong Kong residents and overseas visitors — all of us.

Ark Eden aims to preserve the island’s ecological, geographical, historical and cultural heritage by following a sustainable lifestyle and by providing inspiring educational and eco-tourism opportunities for children, adults, residents and tourists.

Ark Eden does this through a series of integrated workshops, field trips and camps designed to lead every participant towards a better understanding of the environment and what everyone’s role is in conservation, preservation and sustainability.

HKwalls Interns Wanted

29 Apr

Photo by Kyra Campbell Photography

Are you committed, curious, and have crazy attention to details? Join HKwalls as an intern!

Applications for internships at HKwalls are now open. HKwalls is looking for interns to work primarily on next year’s festival and other mural projects. Applicants must be over 18 years old, available on weekdays, and fluent in Cantonese and English. Proficiency in reading and writing Chinese is ideal.

Application: Fill out the form here and HKwalls will be in touch

Deadline: Application deadline is on May 7th.

About HKwalls: HKwalls is a non-profit arts organisation that aims to create opportunities for local and international artists to showcase their talent in Hong Kong and internationally through the mediums of street art and street culture. HKwalls celebrates creativity, originality, and freedom of expression; actively work on connecting and building relationships with artists, the community and organizations worldwide through high-quality public art, while making the creative process accessible to all.

HKwalls holds an annual street art festival in Hong Kong during Hong Kong’s art month each March, as well as year-round programming that focuses on artists’ career development and raising awareness through the arts.