Volunteer with Make-A-Wish Hong Kong

More than a Wish, from wish catching to wish effect, it is a Wish Journey! For 20 years since their establishment, Make-A-Wish Hong Kong has walked through many unique Wish Journeys with nearly 2,000 children with critical illnesses and their families. A Wish Journey brings them physical and emotional benefits, empowering them to embrace what comes next. For both our Wish children and their families, this experience is impactful and unforgettable.

Make-A-Wish Hong Kong has a number of volunteer opportunities: From Wish Catching/Wish Planning (requires mandatory training) to participating in fundraising events and children’s activities to assisting in general office work etc., there is something for everyone.

Register: If you would like to volunteer, please follow this link and complete and submit the form.

For more information, please call 3101 9688 or email info@makeawish.org.hk

About Make-A-Wish Hong Kong: Make-A-Wish Hong Kong’s mission is to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses aged 3 and 17 to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. To date, Make-A-Wish Hong Kong has transformed nearly 2,000 children’s lives. Make-A-Wish Hong Kong is dedicated to making every eligible child’s wish come true.

Feeding Hong Kong’s Festive Food Drive

This year, with school and job disruptions and rising food prices brought on by COVID-19, food assistance has never been more vital.

Drop off any of the food items below at the Feeding Hong Kong Foodbank or their community collection points before Tuesday, 8 December and Feeding Hong Kong will make sure they are delivered to the doors of their charity partners to bring some extra Christmas cheer to those in need.

Date: Before Tuesday, 8 December

The FHK Warehouse
Unit 715, Block A2
Yau Tong Industrial City,
17-25 Ko Fai Road,
Yau Tong, Kowloon

Community collection points

About Feeding Hong Kong: Every day, 3,600 tonnes of food waste are sent to landfills in Hong Kong, while more than one million people live in poverty struggling to afford nutritious meals. Feeding Hong Kong is on a mission to change that.
Feeding Hong Kong rescues quality surplus food from food companies that would otherwise go to waste
Feeding Hong Kong redistributes food surplus to charities and community programmes in Hong Kong
Feeding Hong Kong collaborates with volunteers and community partners to collect, sort and redistribute food

Rethinking Homeless & Housing Innovation @ “Kindness Walk”

ImpactHK Rethinking Homeless n Housing Innovation banner
Walk your talk” by helping distribute food to the homeless people and supporting the homeless caregivers

Thanksgiving is around the corner, ImpactHK couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it than doing the Kindness Walk by ImpactHK and serve homeless people on the streets!

Kindness Walks form the bedrock of ImpactHK’s charitable work and every day their volunteers go out on the streets to distribute food and necessities. The Walk helps to serve roughly 1,000 meals on the streets each week. It is through this outreach that ImpactHK make the initial friendships with their homeless friends and tell them about ImpactHK’s services. ImpactHK couldn’t do this without the contribution of their volunteers who play a vital role in helping to build trust on the streets by showing kindness.

As social innovators, you are also encouraged to think about the fundamental questions:
What are the causes of this social phenomenon?” “What can we do to effectively intervene in the vicious loops?” “What are the solutions out there?” “How can we help?”

ImpactHK only has 15 spots available, so if you are interested in celebrating with ImpactHK, make sure you register on Eventbrite to reserve your spot. ImpactHK will provide more detailed information for those who register.

Date: Saturday, 28 November 2020

Time: 3-5pm

Place: Place2Be, 101 Hang Cheong Center, 138 Bedford Road, Tai Kok Tsui

Price: $200 + handling charge
To register, please follow this link to EventBrite

About ImpactHK: ImpactHK believes in the power of kindness in tackling the pressing problem of homelessness in Hong Kong. ImpactHK started with the simple aim of doing one act of kindness per month for the homeless – a group of friends going for a walk on the streets and delivering food. ImpactHK has grown significantly since then and together they have evolved into a powerful humanitarian movement that is making a positive impact on the plight of the homeless; in just three years ImpactHK has provided shelter to more than 200 people.

But ImpactHK knows that providing homes and jobs is simply not enough; a holistic approach is crucial in helping these individuals. ImpactHK’s homeless friends also participate in classes, which include counselling, mentoring, nutrition, and sports. By attending classes and coming to their centers every day, ImpactHK gets to know each individual as a friend and can tailor-make a plan for them. Even when they graduate from the program, they remain part of the ImpactHK community.

About Impact Circles: ImpactHK is growing circles of social impact enthusiasts, subject matter experts, and thought leaders to join forces for tackling the pressing issues facing our societies and planet. Impact Circles’ mission is to accelerate the growth of individuals and meaningful projects and create a ripple effect to engage the wider public in social innovation.

Christmas cards, gifts etc.

Normally at this time of the year there are a host of fundraising Christmas bazaars and fairs to go to where one can buy Christmas cards, scoop up the perfect gift, all benefitting different charities in and around Hong Kong. Not this year. Because of the pandemic, all these events have been cancelled. Here are two suggestions for you is you are looking for cards to send to relatives that you won’t see this year or a special gift for that special person in your life.

Cards, gift wrap, gifts to order: The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children whose mission is to support medical, surgical, rehabilitation and educational services to differently-abled children in Hong Kong produces beautifully designed cards in both Western and Chinese designs, gift wrap and gifts each year that can be ordered. Please follow this link to their digital catalogue.

The Bookstore, St. John’s Cathedral: At this time of the year, The Bookstore at St. John’s Cathedral on Garden Road stocks a wide variety of Christmas Cards from various charities. In addition to books, cards and gifts, The Bookstore also offers the largest selection of Fair Trade products in Hong Kong. From coffee and tea to chocolate and nuts. Opening Hours are
Monday to Saturday: 10.00am to 5.00pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Shop now and give to charity!

Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong is looking for a volunteer Editor/Writer

Many NGOs in Hong Kong operate on limited funding and manpower in an effort to maximize resources for programs that support their core mission. Skills-based volunteering helps address this challenge by engaging volunteers to provide specialized skills and services that leverage job-related expertise, such as accounting, design, HR, IT, legal and more.

For NGOs, skills-based volunteering provides access to specialized skill sets and talent they may not otherwise have. The engagement also empowers the volunteer to leverage their professional skills to drive positive social change, expand their network, develop meaningful community relationships and hone their skills.

Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong is seeking a skills-based volunteer to help edit and write a research paper. The time commitment is flexible – 4-6 weeks, depending.

You will contribute to the planning of their public policy initiative around minimum housing standards in Hong Kong by helping to edit and write research and planning documents.

Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong currently has a 40-page rough draft of a research report which was put together by a team of 6 fantastic volunteer researchers. The writing needs to be brought into one consistent style and edited. This report will inform their public policy initiative going forward. This initiative will help to benefit low-income households in Hong Kong.

Language requirement: English (Cantonese is a plus)

Start date for position: ASAP

Length of service / commitment required: 1 month or less

Amount of time required per month: 15-20 hours

Location: May work remotely / from home

For enquiries, please contact their Public Policy and Research Manager megumi.harker@habitat.org.hk

About Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong: Habitat for Humanity recognizes that safe and decent housing plays a key role in lifting families out of poverty. Having a home represents a safe haven for a family, a strong and stable place where children can thrive, and a solid foundation on which a family can build a better life. Strong and stable homes help build strong and stable communities. Habitat for Humanity undertakes many types of work to improve housing around the world—from continuing their traditional work to build safe, decent and affordable homes in partnership with soon-to-be homeowners, to their innovative focus on financial inclusion, housing market systems and entrepreneurship, and to their groundbreaking development of microfinance for the housing sector. For the fiscal year 2019, Habitat served more than 7 million people including 3.1 million people from Asia and the Pacific; and enlisted the support of more than 1.4 million volunteers.

In Hong Kong, Habitat for Humanity is currently delivering Covid-19 response programmes; which include delivering home hygiene kits to low-income households and a deep-cleaning program. Habitat for Humanity runs several programmes to help low-income families and in particular, the elderly living in public housing estates and retirement homes through essential renovation work. Habitat for Humanity also works in schools in underserved areas in Hong Kong, recognizing that school is like a second home. On Project School Works, volunteers work alongside primary school students to paint murals in their schools, creating a warm and welcoming learning environment. Habitat for Humanity is also beginning to plan a public policy initiative around minimum housing standards in Hong Kong.

Donation Day for ImpactHK – 7 Nov

ImpactHK Donation Day banner ad
If you’ve been using the time working from home to sort clear out your closets and looking for a place to donate to, here’s a solution for you. ImpactHK has been receiving enquiries from people wanting to donate their unneeded items such as clothing, appliances and more to the homeless in Hong Kong.

In order for ImpactHK to better receive and distribute these items, ImpactHK has decided to have special days dedicated to receiving these goods called Donation Days. Their next Donation Day will be on Saturday, November 7th from 10am to 3.

On this day ImpactHK invites you to bring your goods to their centre, The Guestroom in Tai Kok Tsui and help place your donated items into the designated areas.

ImpactHK team and volunteers will then distribute these items to the homeless, less fortunate and their partner charities.

ImpactHK will accept the following items;
-cell phones and computers in working order
-non-perishable food items
To make the donation a celebration, there will be coffee, live music and more.

Date: Saturday, 7 November 2020

Time: 10am – 3pm

Place: The Guestroom, G/F, 29 Oak Street, Tai Kok Tsui

For more information, please call 24480011 (10am-7pm)

About ImpactHK: ImpactHK is a non-profit that provides the homeless in Hong Kong with friendship, food, shelter, education and employment opportunities. Their journey started with the simple aim of doing one act of kindness per month for the homeless. ImpactHK has grown significantly since then and many volunteers have joined them in their journey to support the less fortunate in a meaningful and measurable way. Together, ImpactHK has evolved into a powerful humanitarian movement with the opportunity to make a positive impact on the plight of the homeless in Hong Kong.

Pink Walk for Breast Health without boundaries

Pink Together 2020 banner
Celebrating their 15th anniversary this year, Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF) proudly presents “Pink Together 2020” this October – a first ever virtual charity event to enhance public awareness of breast cancer in a territory-wide scale.

Pink Walk for Breast Health, the annual walkathon has reached over 2,000 participants at the Victoria Peak every year. As the social distancing measures are still in place, HKBCF is remodelling this annual fundraising event to virtual base — Pink Together 2020.

Pink Together 2020 provides wellness aficionados and the public who wish to give support to the local breast cancer community an opportunity to exercise for a good cause and spreading this goodwill to family and friends. Participants can choose their own sports activities, including walking, running, hiking, yoga, push-up, etc. and upload their record to the event platform.

Anywhere, anytime, any pace without boundaries!

Like past years, HKBCF will present a number of awards to top individual and group for their dedicated support:
– Best Dressed Pink Award for Individual, Group and Pet
– Highest Fundraiser for Individual, Group and Corporate
– Highest Participants

Of these, the Best Dressed Pink Award is the highlight. Participants are free to submit entries by uploading contestant photos on Social Media Platform with #bestdressedpink #pinktogether2020 #hkbcf @hkbcf_official.

Act now, join “Pink Together 2020” and show your support!

Date: Anytime within October 2020

Time: Anytime of day

Place: Anywhere you want

1. Individual ($350 minimum donation)
2. Team
a) Small/Family Team ($350 minimum donation per participant)
b) Organisation/ Corporate ($350 minimum donation per participant)
c) Large Team ($300 minimum donation per participant)
d) School (Students, Teachers & Staff) ($200 minimum donation per participant)

Enroll Now: To enroll, please follow this link

About Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation: Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation was founded on 8 March 2005, as a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to mitigating the threat of breast cancer to the local community through education, support and research & advocacy. Its mission is to promote public awareness of breast cancer and the importance of breast health; support breast cancer patients on their road to recovery and advocate better breast cancer care in Hong Kong.

Mooncake Donations Needed!

As you all know, October 1 is Mid-Autumn festival. A time to take a break, enjoy a big reunion meal and play with friends. What would the Mid-Autumn Festival period be without mooncakes?!

Many of us will receive boxes of mooncakes this week, and Green Hour hopes to bring some Mid-Autumn cheer to people they support on a weekly basis through their own mooncake distribution.

To help fight food waste and support Green Hour, Green Hour encourages you to donate any excess mooncakes that you don’t plan on eating and make sure they end up in the hands of those in need in the city.

Green Hour plans to distribute this evening and across the following days/weeks, so mooncake donations are welcome for the next 2 weeks.

Mooncakes MUST be in date at the time of donation with enough time for Green Hour to distribute them before their expiry date.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch at info@greenhourhk.com or call Green Hour at 2177 7790.

Date: 1 October and anytime over the next 2 weeks.

About Green Hour: Initially established in late 2017 as ‘Waste Free Hong Kong’, Green Hour is an organisation aiming to promote a sustainable lifestyle through education, events and campaigning.

Having already organised multiple beach cleanups, ‘plogs’ as well as Hong Kong’s first ‘Plastic Attack’, Green Hour has begun establishing itself in the area.

With plenty of plans and ideas organised for the future, Green Hour hopes you will join in and help them in their quest for Climate Action.

Volunteer with Hong Kong Unison

Hong Kong Unison is a non-governmental organization focused on serving ethnic minority Hong Kong residents and their families. Unison works on helping the ethnic minority citizens of Hong Kong fight back against racial discrimination and inequality. Their services include promoting racial harmony and cultural sensitivity in schools, planning career guidance programmes and providing scholarships for minority students who hoping to pursue further education.

What you can do to help: Volunteers are viewed as hugely important members of the organisation. Opportunities cover a range of activities, from office administration to event assistance.

To apply online, please follow this link

For more information, visit unison.org.hk
Or call 2789 3246; email info@unison.org.hk

Volunteer with SoCO

The Society for Community Organization (SoCO) was formed in 1971 by a group of clergymen and people who cared for Hong Kong’s development and campaigned for a fair and just social system. Through the promotion of civil rights and the organization of the affected people, they promoted respect for those people’s rights and equality for all members of society.

Top view of a cube dweller homeOver 40 years later, Hong Kong is regarded as one of the richest cities in the world. However, lurking beneath this prosperity is great wealth inequality and a forgotten group of poor people. Hundreds of thousands of people still live in caged homes and wood-partitioned cubicles, while the unemployed, newly arrived families from China and children in poverty struggle for survival. The underprivileged who SoCO support are increasing in numbers – while the city’s wealth continues to accumulate.

SoCO logoFaced with rapid changes in society, SoCO continuously works together with grassroots people to fight for a reasonable livelihood by upholding the principles of “equality for everybody,” “promotion of civil rights” and “implementing justice.” SoCO will continue to soldier on with the underprivileged and hope more people will join forces with them to safeguard human rights and the rule of law, thus enabling the development of a caring and just society.

Vision and Mission: In the coming years, SoCO will the grassroots in supporting them fight for their rights and social justice. By doing so, SoCO hopes that they can realize their common dream of making “all members of human family equal”.

top view of a Hong Kong tiny homeTarget Group: Grassroots people are struggling day in and day out to keep their head above water. These deprived cannot enjoy our economic success and they are socially discriminated. They have been snubbed and have fallen into oblivion. Standing in the line of underprivileged are caged lodgers, tenants with financial difficulties and living in appalling conditions, aged singletons, street-sleepers, ex-offenders, mentally ill patients, ethnic minorities, non-documented mothers of split families, families made up of new immigrants, patients and their families, Hong Kong residents being detained at the Mainland, etc. They are SoCO’s serving targets.

What you can do to help: Become a SoCO Volunteer
In being part of SoCO, you are helping to make a real difference to people living below the poverty line. With your support, there would be a saving of overall cost, enable resources to be used on people that are the focus of SoCO’s attention.

Volunteer Services:
Underprivileged Children Assistance
Providing support for children from underprivileged families via tutoring sessions and individual counseling.

Inadequate Housing Assistance
Providing home improvement to student housing and other aspects of home improvement

Office Work
Assist in mail handling, filing, data input in Chinese and English, translation, etc.

Other Services
Support SoCO’s fundraising activities.

Enrol Now: Please download and complete the relevant application form, return the completed form by fax to 2761 3326, or email soco@pacific.net.hk or by post to the following address
Society for Community Organization, 52 Princess Margaret Road, 3/F, Homantin, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Volunteer Application Form (Individual)
Volunteer Application Form (Group)
Child Mentorship Scheme Mentor’s Application Form
Community Learning Centre Teacher’s Application Form