The Big Bird Race is Back!

2 Dec

© WWF-Hong Kong

© WWF-Hong Kong

The Big Bird Race is WWF-Hong Kong’s longest-running fundraising event. Established in 1984, the funds raised directly contribute to the conservation and management of the Mai Po Nature Reserve, a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention.

2017 marks the 34th anniversary of the race. The race has grown and evolved over these three decades but has always generated great enthusiasm among bird-watchers, both local and, more recently, overseas. Aside from the pure enjoyment of the competition, participants also have the opportunity to sharpen their bird-watching skills and improve their knowledge of birds.

This is how it works
The Big Bird Race is a 12-hour bird-watching “race”. Bird-watchers work together in teams of four to record as many bird species as possible during this time. Every species recorded must be seen or heard by all members of the team. Geographically, teams may start anywhere in Hong Kong, but must return to the Mai Po Nature Reserve at the end of the race. A judge will examine each team’s Log Books to determine the winners.

Teams may begin bird-watching on their own at 6 a.m. anywhere in Hong Kong. Participants may wish to carry their own binoculars and bird guides to assist with bird spotting. As Mai Po and Tai Po Kau accommodate a large variety of birds, they have been the most popular sites for most participants over the years; however participants are welcome to use their own bird-watching sites as well.

Teams are required to record every bird species they see or hear in their Event Log Book. They are also required to return to the Mai Po Nature Reserve Visitor Centre at or before 6 p.m. and turn in their Log Books to the adjudicator. The adjudicator will examine the accuracy of each record, making reference to a number of factors such as the weather, the latest migratory bird population and others. They will also compare the results of the different teams to see if there are any anomalies or irregular records. The adjudicator will then make a professional judgment and determine the winning team.

© WWF-Hong Kong

© WWF-Hong Kong

Date: Saturday, 4 February 2017

Time: 6am – 6pm

Place: Geographically, teams may start anywhere in Hong Kong, but must return to the Mai Po Nature Reserve at the end of the race.

For full information on rules and terms of participation please visit their website

About WWF: WWF was founded in 1961 by a group of passionate and committed individuals with the vision and determination to change the future – for good of the natural world and for all life on Earth.

Today, WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected conservation organizations, with a network active in more than 100 countries. WWF is currently carrying out more than 1,300 conservation projects around the planet – from small-scale local conservation projects to large-scale species protection projects which span all continents.

WWF-Hong Kong was founded in 1981 and is an integral part of WWF’s global network. Their work began with managing Mai Po Nature Reserve and conserving iconic species. Over the years, they have expanded and adjusted their mission to better serve Hong Kong’s conservation and education needs and align themselves with WWF’s global strategy.

Food Angel – help prep meals for the disadvantaged

27 Nov

food-angelFood Angel is a food rescue and food assistance program launched in 2011 by Bo Charity Foundation with the mission of “WASTE NOT, HUNGER NOT.” The program rescues edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry that would otherwise be disposed of as waste. Following strict safety protocols, the rescued food items will then be prepared as nutritious hot meals in their central kitchen and be redistributed to serve the underprivileged communities in Hong Kong.

food banks  food_angel3.jpgUntil March 2011, Food Angel has provided over 2,956,453 meals and rescued over 2,474,823 kg of surplus food from going to the landfills.

Beneficiaries of Food Angel include deprived elderly (71%), children from low income families (20%), the unemployed (3%), disabled and people in rehabilitation (4%) and the homeless, caged home dwellers etc (2%).

– Reduce Food waste at Source
– Alleviate Hunger
– Relieve Poverty
– Educate the Next Generation

What you can to help
SCMP 03MAY13 NS CHAIWAN6  DW__6536.JPGVolunteer at one of their two kitchens in Chai Wan and Sham Shui Po where you can help prepare meal boxes: preparing raw vegetables and hot meal boxes (non-cooking duties)
To volunteer, you need to be over 16. You can volunteer as an individual or in a group. To find out about available dates and to register, please follow this link.

“Let’s Walk Together” CareER Walkathon needs Volunteers

17 Nov

CareER was registered as a charity in 2014 and continues its efforts to encourage the disabled to develop their careers, with a focus on the often overlooked community of more highly educated persons with disabilities. Up till now, their operations relied on private and corporate donations.

1270career_kvTo strive for continuous free job matching services and the sustainability of the first students/alumni union for the higher educated people with disabilities in Hong Kong, CareER is organizing its first fundraising walkathon “Lets Walk Together” on Saturday 3rd December 2016. Objectives of this event include celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities set by The United Nations, raising awareness of the needs of higher educated talents with disabilities and special education needs as well as fundraising resources to CareER.

The walkathon will take place at Central waterfront HK Observation Wheel and the walk to Tamar Park is about 1.3km long.

All donations raised will contribute and support CareER‘s future operations, aiming to empower students and graduates with disabilities to attain their full potentials in career development through interview workshops & trainings, mentoring & internship programs and social networking. Please visit their Facebook page to learn more about CareER activities.

To ensure the success of their first fundraising event, CareER is recruiting volunteers in various capacities including:
– first aid support,
– resources allocation,
– logistics and
– operation management etc.
If you are interested in volunteering at the Lets Walk Together walkathon, please complete the online registration by following this link and you will be contacted by their event team staff shortly.

Date: Saturday, 3 December 2016

Time: 10:30am – 1pm

Place: The Hong Kong Observation Wheel, 33 Man Kwong Street, Central

About CareER: CareER is the first joint community for students and graduates of all higher education institutions in Hong Kong with disabilities and special needs. It was established in 2013 by three founders and a group of passionate, highly educated graduates with disabilities with the aim of creating a platform for students to help one another through alumni experience sharing and a charitable job matching platform leveraging professional HR expertise.

Beyond Vision Projects

12 Nov

BEYOND VISION PROJECTS (BVP) is a social enterprise supported by a group of passionate volunteers and professional advisors and academics in related field. In order to achieve their goal of enhancing the visually impaired (VI) and elderly with low vision’s quality of life; their first project, Tactile-Audio Interaction System (TAIS) services was successfully developed under substantial research. They got encouraging results and feedbacks which have proven TAIS can enable the mental image building process of the visually impaired (VI) and elderly with low vision.

BVP believes that art and culture inspires us, brings us together and, teaches us about who we are and the world we live in; despite the differences in age, gender, race or physical impairments. Arts and culture is for all.

Their Mission
BEYOND VISION PROJECTS (BVP) strives to enhance the quality of life of the visually impaired(VI) and elderly with low vision which focus on SOCIAL INCLUSION, SOCIAL EQUALITY and SOCIAL PARTICIPATION.

Their Goal
BEYOND VISION PROJECTS (BVP) aims at providing our Tactile-Audio Interaction System (TAIS) services: a simple-to-create ‘touch synchronized’ tactile and audio tool. This tool will enable the VI and elderly with low vision to receive visual information through touching and hearing, not limited to accessibility to art but all possible aspects of daily life. Subsequently, trainings for TAIS production and services will be provided to visually impaired individuals so as to open up job opportunities.

Training and Workshops
BEYOND VISION PROJETS (BVP) provides training and workshops; such as tactile painting making; audio description workshop and TAIS workshops, for the visually impaired, their family members and friends; as volunteer.

Training will cover:
– Tactile Painting Making
– Visual impairment awareness, customer care and guiding
– The principles of description
– Describing paintings, objects and artefacts
– Using other senses to engage blind and partially sighted visitors
– Improving accessibility, including leading an audio described tour

What you can do to help
BVP believes that people who have visual impairments should have an equal opportunity to experience art and culture, heritage and historical venues. They work with museums, galleries, schools and other organisations to provide inclusive and accessible consultations, tours and experiences. With your support; BVP can create a more accessible and inclusive society. Please contact BVP: for sponsorship or donations.

Or join BVP as an individual volunteer or group volunteer; by sending BVP an email ( with simple introduction and your intention.

Sprouts Foundation

4 Nov

sprouts-logoThe Sprouts Foundation was established in 2008 by the Shuper family, to create a legacy of social responsibility with a focus on disadvantaged children in Asia. Sprouts began as a family commitment, providing mainly financial assistance to a variety of projects in children’s health and education in China, India, Hong Kong and Nepal.

With growing experience, and with the benefit of extensive family backgrounds in education, the Shupers increasingly focused the efforts of Sprouts to:
sprouts-2– Provide high-quality, student-centric and activity-based education, to
– Advance children from the lowest income groups in their respective locations, with a particular
– Focus on English-language and IT education, in order to
– Provide high-quality, student-centric and activity-based education, to
– Advance children from the lowest income groups in their respective locations, with a particular focus on English-language and IT education, in order to
– Substantially improve students’ self-confidence as well as their future employment prospects, while ensuring that Sprouts
– Measure the results of their projects, thereby giving them the data to
– Promote systemic changes in local curricula, capturing those aspects of their programs that most demonstrably enrich students over the medium-to-long term.

sprouts-1In September 2011, the Sprouts Foundation and its partners — Po Leung Kuk (PLK), and Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) — established The PLK, Sprouts Foundation and HKRU Education Services Centre (ESC).

The ESC provides after-school language training — as well as broader life-skills development — to nearly 250 low-income children in Tai Wai, New Territories. Tai Wai is a district where 22% of the population has no further education beyond primary school, and most children attending the ESC come from households living on less than HK$200 per day. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, as of February 2013 Hong Kong remains one of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live, surpassing any city in the United States or UK.

sprouts-3The ESC currently operates two programmes in Hong Kong, its PRIMARY section for children aged 6-12, and the recently-opened SECONDARY section, launched in September 2013 as an extension for students aged 13-16.

What you can do to help
If you are interested in sharing your time with children the Sprouts Foundation’s work supports, please let them know how you would like to help. Sprouts Foundation and the children appreciate any time spent with them, be it teaching a short course or a sport, telling a story, chaperoning a weekend activity or guiding them through school life. Please check and fill in your interest on the form in the attached link, or contact Sprouts Foundation via

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong

30 Oct

ocean-park-3Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong (OPCFHK) is committed to advocating, facilitating and participating in effective conservation of Asian wildlife, with an emphasis on Chinese white dolphins and giant pandas, as well as their habitats through partnerships, fundraising, research and education. It envisions a world where Asian wildlife remains biologically diverse under the stewardship of humans, corporations and governments.

Since its expansion in 2005, OPCFHK has allocated over $58 million to fund over 400 research projects on cetaceans, giant pandas and many other species. In 2015/16, OPCFHK is funding three key projects to monitor and understand the population and habitat of Chinese white dolphins, whilst continuing the operation of the Marine Mammal Stranding Response Team in Hong Kong and providing samples to local universities and the Chinese White Dolphin DNA Bank in China, in order to develop an effective conservation plan for the species. Giant panda conservation efforts were extended from infrastructure rebuilding after earthquake to conservation study, capacity building and habitat restoration in the three provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. It also inspires university students to engage in field work as part of its University Student Sponsorship Programme in Wildlife Conservation, and connects secondary school students as well as corporations to horseshoe crab conservation efforts in Hong Kong through the rearing and fostering programme.

ocean-park-5In 2010/2011 financial year, a strategic retreat of the Foundation was held to discuss its next five year direction, and confirmed the revised vision and mission:

OPCFHK envisions a world where Asian wildlife remains biologically diverse under the stewardship of humans, corporations and governments.

OPCFHK is committed to advocating, facilitating and participating in effective conservation of Asian wildlife, with an emphasis on Chinese white dolphins and giant pandas as well as their habitats. This will be achieved through partnerships, fundraising, research and education.

Good Corporate Governance
The Foundation believes that good corporate governance will assist the Trustees and Management to pursue objectives that are in the interests of the organisation and the public, lead to better corporate performance and reputation and is essential in attaining long‐term, sustainable growth. While recognising that corporate governance may be affected by many factors, the Foundation believes that the core principles of accountability, transparency and integrity are fundamental to good governance and has, therefore, adopted these as the cornerstone of the Foundation’s governance framework.

How you can help
Become a Friend of the Foundation
OPCFHK launched “Friends of the Foundation” fan club, to engage wildlife and nature lovers in conservation for concerted efforts to conserve wildlife in Hong Kong and Asia. Through donation, you will become a FRIEND of the Foundation, and enjoy the precious opportunities to obtain more information about Asian wildlife, and take part in various conservation work, activities and seminars to get closer with the nature and understand Hong Kong ecology better!

Join now if…
ocean-park-1* You are passionate about wildlife and nature
* You share the same vision with OPCFHK and would like to show your support
* You want to educate the future generations about the importance of wildlife conservation
* You want to help raise the community’s awareness on wildlife conservation
* You want to be engaged in activities that can help Asian wildlife
* You want to learn more about OPCFHK‘s conservation efforts, the species and habitats across Asia
For more information and to join follow this link

OPCFHK has been committed in the conservation of Asian wildlife through fundraising, research and education so that it remains biologically diverse. If you are also enthusiastic and passionate towards wildlife conservation, and willing to contribute your time and efforts, please join their conservation volunteer task force!
Main Voluntary Tasks:
* Assist in community education and narration events
* Assist in fundraising and promotional events
* Provide various professional services, e.g. video taking, translation, writing, designs, marketing, etc
* Assist in routine operations and documentary work in office
For more information and to join follow this link

Changing Young Lives Foundation

25 Oct

changing-young-lives-foundation-logoChildren are born to live their lives to the fullest. However, their fate is not in their own hands. In a city as prosperous as Hong Kong, there are 332,000 children and youngsters* living in poverty. Many of these youngsters have not been identified and are forgotten. In the Mainland, there are many more children in similar or more dire circumstances who need our help.

changing-young-lives-foundation-2Children are precious and should be protected and guided from a tender age. Changing Young Lives Foundation reaches out to children in need and gives them a brighter future. Since their inception, Changing Young Lives Foundation has launched protection, education, development and participation programmes in Hong Kong and the Mainland. They work with children from disadvantaged families in Hong Kong and those in the poorest regions of rural China.

changing-young-lives-foundation-3Changing Young Lives Foundation serves underprivileged young people in Hong Kong and the Mainland and seek to change their lives for the better. They support and inspire them to work towards a better life through educational and developmental programmes which nurture the mind, body and spirit. They help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to realize their full potential and lead happy and productive lives. Changing Young Lives Foundation works in the spirit of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and they promote these rights in their services.

changing-young-lives-foundation-4Changing Young Lives Foundation’s vision is of a world where children of all ages are protected from abuse, neglect and exploitation and kept safe at all times, where they have shelter, food, health care and education. These are the basic requirements for the sound development of all children. They see young people, who are at risk or disadvantaged, trusting and believing in themselves and feeling good about who they are and all the great things they can do. They see them exploring and realizing their talents and abilities to the fullest, and having the self-assurance and courage to reach out for their dreams.

What you can do to help?
Changing Young Lives Foundation seeks volunteers to help with a number of services and activities including tutoring, mentoring, skill coaching & training and also fundraising, survey & research, etc. If you would like to help, please follow this link, download and complete the Volunteer Form and submit.

Help Changing Young Lives Foundation change young lives for the better.

* Source : Summary of Statistics on Poverty 2012 and Proposal on Low Income Supplement, issued by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.