Support The Hong Kong Society for the Aged Flag Day Appeal – 25 June

During this pandemic when so many fundraising events have either been postponed or cancelled, flag day appeals are one of the safe ways for non-profits in Hong Kong to raise valuable funds to keep them going.

On Saturday, 25 June 2022, The Hong Kong Society for the Aged will be holding their Flag Day Appeal. A charity supporting the elderly in Hong Kong, SAGE runs eight centres for the elderly throughout Hong Kong and provides training for caregivers.

Support The Hong Kong Society for the Aged, make a donation when you see their flag sellers this Saturday.

For more information, please call or email 2511 2235/

Date: Saturday, 25 June 2022

Time: 7:00 am to 12:30 pm

Place: Throughout Hong Kong

About The Hong Kong Society for the Aged: Founded in 1977, The Hong Kong Society for the Aged is dedicated to providing diversified and professional care services for senior citizens to enhance their quality of life.

Calling all Dog Models

Hong Kong Dog Rescue is holding another Flag Day on Saturday, 8th October 2022 on Hong Kong Island to raise funds for the ongoing operational costs at both of their Homing Centres, and for their public education programmes.

HKDR is currently looking for adopted dog models to be featured on their Flag Sheet! For only $588 you will receive 5 complete flag sheets and a Gold flag set! If you don’t have a dog but would still like to contribute you can choose to sponsor one of the many HKDR dogs to become one of the stars on our Gold Flag too!

Please email for more information.

About Hong Kong Dog Rescue: Hong Kong Dog Rescue was founded in 2003 for the specific purpose of saving dogs and puppies from the Hong Kong Government’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) Animal Management Centres, where thousands of dogs and puppies are destroyed every year. They are homeless and unwanted, and have just four days to live unless they are chosen for rehoming.

Although almost all HKDR dogs and puppies are still rescued from AFCD, these days many of their dogs are also ex-breeding dogs, those that are no longer useful for the purpose of producing puppies for the pet trade. These dogs are inevitably in poor health and condition due to their previous hard lives, and they need extensive veterinary treatment.

Only a small percentage of these dogs and puppies are lucky enough to be rescued by HKDR, after which the larger ones will be taken care of at their main Tai Po Homing Centre, while smaller dogs awaiting re-homing stayed at the Kennedy Town Homing Centre. Puppies usually stay in foster homes, and they are taken to Whiskers N Paws at Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau, every Sunday from 2pm to 5pm where potential adopters can meet them and hopefully take them home.

As much as possible, puppies and smaller dogs are placed in temporary foster care where they can live in a home environment before being permanently adopted. HKDR’s foster network plays a vital role in helping dogs overcome the trauma of being abandoned or their previous unhappy circumstances, such as those that are rescued from breeding farms.

Alongside the rescue and re-homing efforts, education is also an important part of HKDR’s mission, and as part of that the Education & Training Centre was opened in July 2013. This small venue is used for a variety of workshops and classes, all of which are designed to help improve dog- human understanding and so reduce the number of pets being abandoned. Whiskers N Paws also hosts the HKDR Positive Partners’ Training Courses, which are designed to promote responsible pet ownership as well as reward-based training methods.

Intern at Asia Art Archive this Summer

Asia Art Archive offers full-time and part-time internships in the spring, summer, and fall to undergraduate and graduate students from both local and international schools.

Internships at AAA are unpaid, but they present a rare chance to gain insight into a dynamic organisation at the centre of recent art in the region.The internship programme at AAA is an opportunity for participants to learn how a non-profit organisation runs, discover new interpretations on recent art, and engage with artists, art professionals, and other students from diverse backgrounds. AAA supports the intellectual development of AAA interns, while informing their future aspirations.

The following positions are now open for application this summer:

  • Collections
  • Editorial
  • Learning & Participation
  • Research

Deadline for Application: Friday, 27 May 2022

Information and Application: For more information and to download the application form, please follow this link.

Please return a copy of the internship application form and a CV (both in English) to by Friday, 27 May 2022.

About Asia Art Archive: Asia Art Archive is a nonprofit organisation based in Hong Kong which focuses on documenting the recent history of contemporary art in Asia within an international context. AAA incorporates material that members of local art communities find relevant to the field, and provides educational and public programming.

Plastic Free Seas x Local Artist Michelle Fung

Buy an art print and support a local environmental charity and support a local artist. That sounds like a win win to me!

Local artist Michelle Fung has released her latest collection of six art prints.

Hong Kong 2084” reimagines Hong Kong’s fantastical sustainable future—where historical, contemporary, and futuristic green buildings co-exist, and where endangered animals flourish. If the artist had a magic wand, this is how she would have her city in 2084.

You can now collect a piece of “Hong Kong 2084” in support of Plastic Free Seas. 20% of online sales will be donated to PFS until Sept 30.

Plastic Free Seas believes that art can raise awareness and even promote behavioral change. “It is a pleasure to partner with Michelle on this project which ultimately speaks to our mission to reduce the use of single-use plastic for the health of our planet — the ocean, the animals, the plants and the people.”

To Buy: Pre-order is available immediately on Michelle Fung’s website

Receive a $200 discount now using promo code: plasticfreeseas

About Plastic Free Seas: Plastic Free Seas is a Hong Kong based environmental charity focused on changing the way we all view and use plastics in society today, through education and action campaigns.

TWGHs NFT Online Charity Bidding

NFT (Non-fungible token) art has become a new global trend. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals is launching their own TWGHs NFT Marketplace and presenting unique NFT art pieces for online charity bidding.

Art pieces by artists with disabilities from TWGHs social enterprise i-dArt will be converted into NFT and be the first batch for charity bidding on the TWGHs NFT Marketplace.

There will be more NFTs coming, including 50 NFTs with the theme of Hong Kong movie donated by Mei Ah Entertainment. These 50 NFTs are designed by Mr. Wing Shya, a renowned photographer and director.

All money raised will go towards TWGHs anti-epidemic assistance work.

Date: From now until June 2022 (in phases)

Platform Website: (TWGHs NFT Marketplace)

Donation: If yo wish to make a donation instead, please download the Donation Form here

About Tung Wah Group of Hospitals: The establishment of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals could be traced back to Kwong Fook I-tsz, a small temple built at Tai Ping Shan Street on the Hong Kong Island in 1851 for people to house the spirit-tablets of their ancestors. As the temple was gradually taken by the sick and the destitute as a refuge, it became reeked with dirt and eventually aroused the concern of the Government and the public. Hence, a group of earnest Chinese community leaders proposed to raise funds and build a hospital in the neighbourhood. In 1869, $115,000 and a piece of land at Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan were granted by the then Governor MacDonnell. The first Chinese hospital in Hong Kong was finally built in 1870 through the enactment of the Tung Wah Hospital Ordinance. It hence laid a foundation of the charitable work of TWGHs.


  • To heal the sick and to relieve the distressed;
  • To care for the elderly and to rehabilitate the disabled;
  • To promote education and to nurture the youngsters; and
  • To raise the infant and to guide the youth


  • Advocate philanthropy, equality and fraternity
  • Strive for service excellence, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Be proactive, empathetic, trust-worthy and caring to the needy; and
  • Transcend our past achievements and excel with faith for our future

Earth Hour is tonight 8:30-9:30pm

Join millions of people around the world and switch off your lights in support of nature and our planet tonight at 8:30pm.

Every year, at 8:30 pm on the last Saturday of March, supporters in over 190 countries and territories unite, taking action on and raising awareness of the issues facing our one home.

But Earth Hour is more than just an hour for Earth – it’s a movement for our own futures, for the benefit of people and planet.

And it’s not only a symbol of solidarity – it’s a catalyst for change, harnessing the power of the crowd.

What will you do tonight for the benefit of people and planet?

Po Leung Kuk

At a time when volunteering is pretty much at a standstill, let’s take a look at some organisations in Hong Kong, what they do and what we can do to help as and when the pandemic is over.

In the late 19th Century, abduction and trafficking of women and children were serious crimes in Hong Kong. On 8th November, 1878, a group of local Chinese presented a petition to the Governor, Sir John Pope Hennessy, K.C.M.G., to set up Po Leung Kuk to rescue the kidnapped victims. The “Society for the Protection of Women and Children” was approved by the Hong Kong Governor in May, 1880, but as the petition was submitted on 8th November, 1878, that date was adopted as Po Leung Kuk’s founding date. “Po Leung”, translating literally as protection of the young and the innocent, represents the core vision of the organisation.

Today, Po Leung Kuk is Hong Kong’s leading social service organisation and fundraiser. Under a modern corporatised management structure, Po Leung Kuk is able to utilise donation dollars to maximize the returns to their most important stakeholder – the community. The services that Po Leung Kuk provides include

Social Services: Adhering to the “people-oriented” philosophy and the mission of “protecting the young and the innocent, aiding the needy and nurturing the talents”, Po Leung Kuk is dedicated to serving the community with the aim of achieving “holistic development”. Under the principals of care, respect, equity, empowerment and pursuing excellence, Po Leung Kuk provides a wide spectrum of quality services and support to people in need, and strive for creating a caring, harmonious, barrier-free, inclusive, and loving society.   

Educational Services: Po Leung Kuk has 95 educational services units which are operating on a non-profit making basis. The Kuk‘s educational services units include a community college, a quality private independent school, aided secondary schools, Direct Subsidy Scheme secondary schools, aided primary schools, Direct Subsidy Scheme primary schools, private primary school, kindergartens, special schools with boarding facilities, education services centres, English learning centres, Pre-primary Education Services Centre, Central Library cum Resource Centre, Education and Research Testing Centre and Central Campus TV.

Recreational Services: The two holiday camps of Po Leung Kuk offer non-profit making holiday camping services to the public at the sites granted by the Government, which are located inside the country parks with beautiful sceneries and well-equipped recreational facilities. The Kuk‘s vision is to become the most popular, most versatile and most creative recreational and training campsites in Hong Kong, as well as turning into green camps by implementing environmental friendly measures.   

Cultural Services: The Po Leung Kuk Museum was established in 1998 and is located in the Po Leung Kuk Main Building, a Grade 2 historic building on Leighton Road. The Museum is responsible for the acquisition, classification, preservation and conservation of the Kuk’s historical records, and assists scholars in their research.

Medical & Integrated Health Services: Po Leung Kuk adopts the concept of “Medsolink” to provide multifaceted and holistic healthcare to The Kuk‘s service users through the close collaboration between The Kuk‘s social services team and medical team.

Volunteer: To build a caring society, caring companies of any business nature and scale and caring individuals regardless of your gender, education level, profession, nationality, race and religion are welcome to join as Po Leung Kuk volunteer.

Types of volunteers needed:

  • Recreational Activity
  • Workshop/Small Group Teaching Class
  • Visit of Service Units
  • Escort Service for Medical Appointment
  • Domestic Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Sharing
  • Child Care
  • Homework Guidance
  • Translation

To register, please complete this registration form

For more information, please email or call at (+852) 2277 8888

Donations: Po Leung Kuk also welcomes donations, to provide timely assistance to those in need. To make an online donation, please follow this link

Room to Read 2nd annual Step UP for Gender Equality – May 2022

Why? As you know, the pandemic has worsened the education crisis and we are now at risk of losing a generation of women’s voices as their world constricts to ever-smaller spheres. As Room to Read works to change the world through education, everyone needs to step UP. We cannot lose half the world’s talents and contributions and adequately address the challenges ahead.

How? Step UP for Gender Equality is a fun, safe and virtual event where you can walk, run, bike or hike your way towards your chosen goal from 1 – 31 May 2022. All you have to do is sign up by following this link!

What’s the impact? Through the Step UP for Gender Equality challenge, you will protect young girls’ right to learn and help Room to Read to provide them with the tools they need to continue their education. Room to Read’s global participants in 2021 were able to provide 138,000+ days of Girls’ Education to support girls vulnerable to dropping out of school, and Room to Read hopes with your participation that they can exceed that number in 2022!

Date: 1 – 31 May 2022

Time: Anytime

Place: Any place

Registration: To take part in 2nd annual Step UP for Gender Equality, just register by following this link.

If you have questions regarding this event, please email Room to Read at

About Room to Read: Room to Read Believes that World Change Starts with Educated Children.

Room to Read knows how to improve literacy and gender equality through education. Room to Read just needs the partnerships and support to do it.

Room to Read envisions a world in which all children can pursue a quality education that prepares them to lead fulfilled lives and make positive change — in their families, communities and the world.

Room to Read is creating a world free from illiteracy and gender inequality. Room to Read is achieving this goal by helping children in historically low-income communities develop literacy skills and a habit of reading, and by supporting girls as they build skills to succeed in school and negotiate key life decisions. Room to Read collaborates with governments and other partner organizations to deliver positive outcomes for children at scale.

In Touch with Nature 5-Day Online Workshop for Kids

Not a volunteering opportunity, more a learning opportunity for kids.

Let’s be in touch with nature this spring break; Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden is inviting 6-11 year olds to a 5- day online journey to connect with nature at home with interactive sessions and hands-on activities.

Become animal detectives and get to know some of our native wildlife through footages and animal calls, uncover their fun facts and conservation stories. Make a plant friend and understand interconnected relationships between plants, animals, and us; create unique art with natural patterns up-close. Learn about the magnificent tree cycle living all around us; foster respect and show gratitude for the natural environment. This program combines fun and learning in a natural manner!

Programme Content:

  • Day 1: Secret World of Wild Animals (Animal detectives & animals Up Close)
  • Day 2: Talk to Plants (Native plant stories and their connections with insects and pot planting experience)
  • Day 3: Zentangle in Nature (Drawing workshop with nature inspired patterns)
  • Day 4: Tiny Seeds and Giants in the Forest (Interactive tree cycle lesson and recycled wood art)
  • Day 5: Celebration of Diversities (Animal puppet-making and creating a home for the wildlife)

* ‘In Touch with Nature Pack’ will be posted to participants prior to the start of the workshop with materials including soil pack and seeds, Zentangle cards and pen, natural colours crayons, KFBG recycled wood cookie, twigs and assorted cards.

Date & Time:

  • Class A (6- 8 yr): 4- 8 Apr 2022/ 1000- 1100
  • Class B (9- 11 yr): 4- 8 Apr 2022/ 1400- 1500
  • Class C (6- 8 yr): 11- 15 Apr 2022/ 1000- 1100
  • Class D (9- 11 yr): 11- 15 Apr 2022/ 1400- 1500

Place: Online via Zoom

Language: Cantonese

Participants: Children aged 6-11 years old

Fee: HK$ 880 per person (fee inclusive of 5- day workshop material pack & postage)

To register, please follow this link

Enquiries: Please contact Suki Choy at 2483 7105 or KC Cheng at

About Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden: Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden was established in 1956 to provide agricultural aid to farmers in need of support to help them lead independent lives; and to provide leisure and educational experience for the public. The theme gardens were designed and planted from the 1960’s onwards, and through planting, natural process and protection from fire, what was once barren scrubland is now mature forest.

KFBG‘s work and influence now spread far beyond the KFBG site. They raise awareness of ecological and sustainability issues, undertake species conservation and ecosystem restoration in Hong Kong, mainland China, Cambodia and Laos, reconnect people with nature, and promote sustainable lifestyles.

Have you ever wondered: Why do I Volunteer?

A different kind of volunteer opportunity this time. Have you ever thought about what your motivators are in wanting to volunteer?

Meet Dominic, a corporate risk / audit professional who returned to school in his mid-30s to study Psychology. As part of his thesis, as well as his ongoing quest to understand more about human nature, he is conducting a study on the effects of prosocial behavior on wellbeing. In the pursuit of happiness in today’s modern society, people tend to focus on themselves, yet Dominic believes (and previous studies have shown) that by being prosocial (eg. volunteering, donating – being kind in general) towards others, one can “kill two birds with one stone”.

Support Dominic’s research by taking part in his study. More details can be found by following this link.

AND, the first and every 20th participant to complete the study before 30th April will receive a $150 supermarket voucher

Date: Before 30 April