Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge

18 Apr

Welcome to the Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge – the largest environmental volunteer event of its kind, now in its 17th year. Last year they engaged over 80,000 participants, and they’re hoping to break that record again in 2017!

Participation is easy: choose a team (of friends, colleagues, family, classmates, community group), a date, and a location for your cleanup, and complete the registration form on their website. Once your team is registered, you will be invited to a briefing to meet other teams and learn about having a safe, fun, successful cleanup.

The 2017 Cleanup Challenge takes place from January 1st to December 1st, and registration is now open! Their newly updated, easy to use form includes a team registration fee; this contribution helps the Hong Kong Cleanup team to ensure that their work continues to thrive, and to provide you with everything you’ll need to participate.

When completing the form, please allow 2 weeks lead time for your selected date, so that you will have time to join a scheduled briefing beforehand. Please also note that cleanup sites are allocated on a first-come, first-served, so your selection is not finalised until you receive a written confirmation from their team.

Need help? Check their maps to find a location for your cleanup, or email them at info@hkcleanup.org. Good luck, have fun – and thank you for your participation!

About Hong Kong Cleanup: Having engaged over 350,000 participants and cleaned up over 70 million pieces of trash, the Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge has firmly established itself as a well-loved and vital part of the Hong Kong event landscape. Yet 16 years of data and volunteer feedback have shown a need for even greater community engagement and action. Trash jeopardizes the health of the ocean, coastline, country parks, our economy and people. It is everywhere – and is here to stay unless we change our habits.

The Hong Kong Cleanup is a yearlong education platform that works with communities, schools, government and businesses to provide practical solutions to help us all live more sustainability every day of the year. The annual Cleanup Challenge, from January 1st through December 1st, is the region’s largest volunteer event of its kind, and is open to the general public. Throughout the year, the Hong Kong Cleanup team also organizes managed cleanup events for corporations wishing to plan a meaningful, educational team-building day out with their employees.

The Hong Kong Cleanup is the official coordinator of the global cleanup movement on behalf of Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup, and Let’s Do It! World Cleanup, which is sanctioned by UNEP.


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