Adoptive Families of Hong Kong (AFHK)

AFHK_Logos-01Adoptive Families of Hong Kong (AFHK) is a non-profit volunteer-run charitable organisation made up of people connected by the common experience of adoption. Adoption is a lifelong journey and supporting all who have a connection with adoption to navigate this journey is their top priority. Through their growing network, members find support, resources, advocacy and life-long connections. AFHK are inclusive of all who make up the adoption constellation; adoptive families, birth families, foster and kinship care families, families who have experienced early adversity and trauma, adult adoptees and professionals are among our members.

AFHK home slideshow3As a charitable organisation, all of AFHK’s work depend upon the extraordinary skills of their volunteers. From organisation of events and activities at Steering Committee level to the running of events at ground level, volunteers makes AFHK work!

AFHK is currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:

1 Adult Adoptee Coordinator
– Outreaches to potential adult adoptee members and encourages membership.
– Organises occasional events for adult adoptees and facilitates connections between adult adoptees and other relevant parties (e.g. if an adult adoptee wants to be a mentor or volunteer at an event)
– Works with relevant SC members such as Roots Tracing Coordinator to ensure up-to-date information relevant to adult adoptee concerns.
Desired skill set: good communication, interpersonal, and organisational skills, aware and informed regarding the needs and experiences of adult adoptees, active in social media, groups, or other means of connecting with adult adoptees.

afhk 22 Children and Families Events Coordinator
– 1-2 events per year (as able and schedule permits) – could include family hikes or outings, family film night, storytelling, crafts, or other such events.
– Design events, which can be small or large, in conjunction with the Steering Committee.
– Oversees bookings and publicity for the event.
– Working with Volunteer Coordinator (if role is filled) to coordinate event volunteers on the day.
Desired skill set: creativity, good organisation and communication skills, enjoys being with children, prior experience organising or running events, teamwork.

3 Translator (Cantonese)
– Translate AFHK publicity materials on an ad-hoc basis from English into Chinese
– Check previously translated Chinese materials for accuracy
– Provide translation at limited bilingual events
Desired skill set: strong command of written and spoken Cantonese and English, outgoing personality, good communication skills.

4 Copy Writer
– Writes copy on an ad-hoc basis for events, newsletters, advertisements, manuals, or other writing projects.
– Attend Steering Committee Meetings or Strategy Meetings when requested.
Desired skill set: strong computer skills, strong writing and editing skills, ability to meet deadlines.

If you are interested in taking on all or part of a particular role, or if you have other skills that you think may benefit AFHK, please get in touch with them at Email

Their Mission :
To connect, support and celebrate adoptive families and adopted persons of any age, from any country living in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia. To promote and be part of a community of people touched by adoption and the professionals that serve them in Hong Kong and Asia and practice in their best interest of by providing caring support, information, resources and advocacy.

Their Vision :
It is AFHK’s vision that Hong Kong will become
– A community that understands, accepts, respects, and support adoption and adopted people,
– A center of research for adoption issues in Asia,
– A world leader in care and compassionate support of all adoptees throughout their life journey.

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