Foodlink Foundation Limited

foodlink20% of Hong Kong residents live below the poverty line – 33% of which are elderly and 23% are children. Imagine what it’s like to go hungry. Imagine what it’s like to watch your children go hungry. Hunger can lead people to do desperate things and take desperate measures.

Foodlink is a Hong Kong based registered charity, whose mission is to mitigate hunger, fight poverty and foster nutritional wellness while reducing food wastage in hotels and restaurants. Foodlink collects safe-to-eat surplus food from 4 to 5 star hotels, clubs and restaurants and delivers the food to those in need, including: homeless individuals living in shelters, street-sleepers, migrants, asylum seekers, the unemployed, the elderly and disenfranchised individuals and families. Today, Foodlink receives generous support from over 51 donors assisting 38 beneficiaries. Foodlink saves an average 2,800kg of surplus food and serve an estimated 4,768 meals per week.

Foodlink is looking for volunteers in the following areas:
– Chinese Translator
– Referrals to Donors or Recipients
– Marketing & Public Relations
– Events Committee
– Graphic Design
Please contact Foodlink at if you can spare some time to support Foodlink or visit their website to download a Volunteer Registration Form.

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