WWF-Hong Kong

WWF is a leading global conservation organisation, with a global network active in more than 100 countries.

Their Mission:
WWF’s mission is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. WWF was founded in 1961 with headquarters based in Switzerland. Operating for nearly fifty years, WWF has forged unprecedented global partnerships with governments, other NGOs and the private sector, and has inspired individuals to take action and make a difference.

WWF-Hong Kong has been working since 1981 to deliver solutions for a living planet through Conservation, Footprint and Education programmes. Since 1983, WWF-Hong Kong has actively managed the Mai Po Nature Reserve (a 380 hectare area in Deep Bay), located on the northwestern corner of Hong Kong which is among Asia’s finest locations for wetland biodiversity.

Volunteering: Volunteering for WWF is a great way to get personally involved in local conservation and for experience working in environmental protection. WWF welcomes volunteers at a range of levels, from office assistance to fundraising and even field work at sites such as Mai Po in Hong Kong. Visit their website for more information, to fill out an online form, download their volunteer form or email WWF-Hong Kong.

2 thoughts on “WWF-Hong Kong

  1. suen wing hang

    I join two events on 3rd Apr but still not receive your information from email,my name is Suen Wing Hang, will you please resend me notice email,thanks

    1. hongkongvolunteer Post author

      You need to write directly to WWF. This blog is my way to highlight volunteer opportunities available in Hong Kong. I am not associated with any of the organisations profiled.


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