Ark Eden Foundation

Ark Eden Foundation is a charity aimed at developing eco-centres and environment projects through a strategic and integrated conservation strategy for Lantau Island, the green lung of Hong Kong.

Volunteering: Ark Eden needs volunteers to help with their education and environment programmes. They are looking for people with a genuine interest in the environment, whether you’re a gap year student, a retired citizen, or you just want to take time out of your regular schedule to make a difference in very important environment projects. Opportunities include:

1. Ark Eden Eco-Team or Community Action Team member helping students, the elderly, and the disadvantaged as an environmental educator or an environmental assistant.

2. As a Team Leader gaining hands-on experience in environmental education in addition to running practical, fun programmes for youngsters.

3. On various projects including creating compost, shrimping in streams, buffalo conservation, identifying animal habitats and their preservation needs, setting up an eco-house, ecological restoration, how to “green” an office, as well as heritage preservation.

4. Other work on their farm

The Ark Eden Foundation charity also provides opportunities to get involved with working with disadvantaged children, the elderly, helping run charity events, and working with major corporations in their efforts to go green.
For more information, please visit their website.

2 thoughts on “Ark Eden Foundation”

  1. Farming
    Hi I would like to know if there is any volunteer job in a farm.

    Thank you in advance

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