Hong Kong Dog Rescue

Founded as a Society in 2002, Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) primary purpose was to save dogs from being put down. It is run by founder, Sally Andersen, and the many dedicated volunteers with the aim of rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing as many of the thousands of abandoned and unwanted dogs and puppies as possible. What started as a one-person mission has now become one of Hong Kong’s most active and successful dog re-homing organisations.

Currently based in Tai Po, HKDR is seeking land on which to construct a purpose built Re-homing Centre. A number of long-term dogs are also permanently housed on Lamma Island, along with young puppies kept in a home environment until they are ready to move to the Tai Po Re-homing facility. HKDR also has a Mini Homing Centre in Ap Lei Chau, where a number of smaller dogs await adoption.

Volunteering: If you like animals, you can help out by becoming a volunteer dog walker.

6 thoughts on “Hong Kong Dog Rescue”

    1. thank you very much for writing in. The idea behind this blog is to show you what kinds of volunteer opportunities are available. If you are interested in walking dogs, you can approach either Hong Kong Dog Rescue or the SPCA. Both would be delighted to hear from you. Here are links to their volunteer pages:



      Thank you again for reaching out.

  1. Hi, I’d like to be a volunteer dog walker but I’ve tried the link sereval times and it’s failed. Is there any other ways to enroll? Thank you

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