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InspiringHK seeks Communications Manager (Volunteer Executive)

18 Aug

inspiring hk

InspiringHK is recruiting a volunteer executive as communications manager to manage their internal and external communications.

Job Purpose
Develop and implement marketing and communication initiatives to attract donors, engage the public and motivate and retain individuals / organisations supporting the Foundation.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Develop and implement communications initiatives that will engage the community, advance the Foundation’s brand, raise public awareness and grow funding base;

• Work closely executive officers and other members of the marketing and communications team to manage distribution of all printed materials, including newsletters, the annual report and event invitations;

• Work closely with Social Media Manager to develop compelling and engaging stories that convey how donor’s contributions are being used;

• Provide support to Brand and Public Relations Manager during media campaigns

• Ensure communications materials in website, annual reports, newsletters and social media channels are consistent and up to date

• Periodically re-evaluate the organisation’s communications materials and strategy

For more information about this volunteer opportunity, please visit their website

inspiringhkAbout InspiringHK Sports Foundation: InspiringHK Sports Foundation was founded in late 2012 with a vision of effecting societal change through spreading sportsmanship. InspiringHK believes sports has the power to nurture youth in a way that little else does. It is a language that they understand. It also creates hope when they are in times of despair. Their rigorous sports programmes equip youth with values such as confidence, discipline and perseverance, to enable them to overcome challenges that will inevitably appear in their lives.

Great Sporting Experience
– Professional coaches (mostly former/current Hong Kong Team athletes)
– Many opportunities to take part in open competitions
– Free/ subsidised use of sports equipment and training grounds
– 150+ hours of sports training over 2 years
Close Guidance and Care
– Dedicated adult mentors to guide their beneficiaries
– Whole-hearted executives to monitor their beneficiaries’ progress
– Remedial actions for students with inconsistent behaviours
– 30+ hours of learning experience programmes over 2 years
Diversity and Collaboration
– Synergy of different sectors to effect change
– Advisors with rich charity management experience
– Ambassadors with a strong sporting image and reputation
Minimal Administrative Cost
– Almost all of our executives are volunteers
– Close to 100% use of income on their programmes

For more information about InspiringHK, please visit their website.


Society for the Relief of Disabled Children Charity Bazaar

6 Jan

charity bazaar 2Do you miss the various charity bazaars dotting Hong Kong’s calendar before Christmas? Need to change your wardrobe, gifts for friends overseas? Then you should check out the Charity Bazaars benefiting the Society for the Relief of Disabled Children.

charity bazaarVolunteers from the Australian Association help to price, sort and check the items which are donated by companies. They help to setup the shop and manage the sales to customers. The Bazaar sells new clothing, household, toys, bags, stationery, toiletries, etc at very low prices. Just bring your own bag.

Date: 16-17 & 30-31 January 2013

Time: 10am-4pm

Location: Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital, 12 Sandy Bay Road, Pokfulam

About the charity: The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children (SRDC) was established in 1953, with the mission to provide medical, surgical, rehabilitation and educational services to disabled children in Hong Kong. The Society, using funds generated by the generosity of the community, established a convalescent home in Sandy Bay in 1955 for children stricken with skeletal tuberculosis. The home initially had only 50 beds but was subsequently expanded in stages to become the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay (DKCH) in 1968 and was in the frontline fighting against tuberculosis, poliomyelitis and spinal deformities. The Hospital subsequently became internationally recognized for this work and remains a training center for surgeons and health workers from around the world.

The Society was responsible for the running cost of the Home and Hospital and ran the institutions on a day-to-day basis until 1991 when the Hong Kong Hospital Authority took over management of all public hospitals in Hong Kong. Despite the change in management, the Society still has a significant influence in the running of the Hospital and has continued to support the Hospital with specific needs or in emerging areas of child health that are not readily available in the public health care system. They have also expanded into other areas of medical social concerns that fulfill the mission of the Society.

Currently, the Society is supporting the following programmes
– providing disabled children with medical care in a loving environment in DKCH at Sandy Bay
– offering specialist medical, orthopaedic and rehabilitation services
– supporting clinical research in facilities built by the Society in DKCH
– allowing ventilation dependent children to lead better lives and to have normal schooling at JF Kennedy Centre at Sandy Bay
– supporting the Kids on the Block (KOB) Puppetry programme

Their Vision and Mission:
The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children believes that every child has the right to live happy and fulfilling lives and The Society strives for a world in which disadvantaged children can grow fulfilled lives and contribute to society and realize their full potential.