How to Begin

Volunteering is not unlike a job, a hobby, or a subject of study: you have to LIKE what you are doing, otherwise you will loose interest over time.

So instead of diving into what’s out there, ask yourself the following questions:

– What do you care about? What excites you?

– What hobbies or interests do you have that can be an asset for a non profit? For example: Are you a blogger who blogs regularly? Do you sew, run, are you good at writing?

– Why do you want to volunteer? Do you want to support a cause that you care about? As a student, do you want to gain some work experience through volunteering? Are you looking to network?

– And then, how much time can you commit? Is it a short term commitment while you are between jobs, or during summer holidays? A weekend a month, or just ad hoc?

All these questions will help determine what type of volunteering would be a rewarding experience for you.

6 thoughts on “How to Begin

  1. nerina Dansanghani

    Please can you contact me via email or phone 91954652 as I am looking to partake in volunteer work for the RMH. I can teach the children. I worked as a teacher for 10 years. Hope to hear from you soon
    Warm regards
    Nerina Dan

  2. Karl Wissmüller

    is it also possible to do a long-time-voluntary work in hong kong 2017?? i am from Germany and i would like to stay longer than just a day or a month

    1. hongkongvolunteer Post author

      Thank you for writing in. In order to volunteer in Hong Kong as a non Hong Kong resident, you need to have a visa that allows you to stay in Hong Kong. If you are not already in Hong Kong on a visa of some sort (work, student etc.), then is up the NGO that you wish to volunteer for to sponsor you. To find out more about visa etc, simply email Hong Kong’s Immigration Department and ask then: They are very responsive.


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