Volunteer with Hong Kong Paws Foundation

18 Oct

The work of Hong Kong Paws dates back to 2005, however the Foundation was formally established and registered as an animal welfare society in March 2011.

From early 2005 Hong Kong Paws has been working closely with local animal shelters to provide financial aid, animal care consultation and rehoming services. With a strong network of volunteers and partner organizations, Hong Kong Paws feels that HK Paws is ready to take their services to a higher level and to the wider community.

In October 2011, HK Paws has been formally endorsed as Hong Kong charity organization by Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department, their charity number is 91/11168. Donation made to Hong Kong Paws of HK$100 or over will be tax-deductible.

Hong Kong Paws Foundation (HK Paws) is operated on a 100% voluntary basis by dedicated volunteers. HK Paws aims to raise awareness of animal welfare issues and to reduce the large number of dogs and cats that are abused, abandoned or destroyed everyday. The Foundation believes that the current laws on animal welfare and their implementation are insufficient to fully protect animals in Hong Kong. HK Paws understands that for many people animal welfare is a secondary priority in our busy lives. However HK Paws feels that every member of our society has a responsibility to alleviate animal cruelty. HK Paws hopes that through their work in Hong Kong they can also raise awareness of animal welfare in China.

What you can do to help: HK Paws can always use an extra set of hands!

If you’re interested in volunteering, please email kat@hkpaws.org and let HK Paws know:

1) What are you interested in helping with?
2) What specific skills can you offer?
3) What weekly time commitment can you offer?

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