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New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

7 May

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association is a non-governmental organization which aims at providing quality community-based recovery-orientated services for people in recovery of mental illness, so as to help them develop their full potentials, attain a desirable quality of life and integrate into the society.

Their core services include residential services, vocational rehabilitation, community support, family support, self-help work, clinical psychological services, etc.

People in the recovery of mental illness are frequently faced with frustration, confusion, social-stigma as well as self-stigma while they are en route to recovery. Medication side-effects, difficulties in adapting to work, interpersonal relationship and family are just but a few burdens that are laid heavily on their shoulders. Volunteers are their dear supporters, rendering encouragement and loving care that they need in order to overcome the hurdles and regain a life with vitality and dignity.

Volunteers are also the driving force that helps change the general public’s attitude towards mental health issues. Due to either misconception or unawareness, or the combination of both, people, in general, are reluctant to face mental health problems head-on, often resulting in delayed intervention and stigma being developed towards people in recovery of mental illness. With their enthusiasm and positive attitudes, volunteers counter these negative thinking and help advocate community attention to mental health issues. The effects volunteers bring about would surely help people in recovery of mental illness integrate better into the society and develop their potential to the full.

If you are interested in joining as volunteers, please download and fill out the “Volunteer Application Formhere and send it back to the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association by mail or fax. (Address: 332 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon, Fax: 2770 9345). They will match volunteer work in accordance with your personal interests and preference so that you can invest your time, skills and experience to the community.

For enquiries, please contact:
Public Education Team
Tel: 2332 4343
Fax: 2770 9345

Employ PIRs
Though being stricken with mental disorders that confined them to the margin of the society, people in recovery of mental illness are devoted and loyal workers who are eager to contribute to the society with their talents and skills, and through the employment to earn what they need to live independently and with dignity in the community. Are you willing to trust them and give them a chance?

If you are a visionary employer who wants to accommodate the disabled, the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association will be there for you to provide job matching services, so that you would be able to find the suitable candidates to fit in the designated positions. Their service users come from different backgrounds, including people in recovery of mental illness, the mentally handicapped, people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the physically challenged, and the CSSA (Comprehensive Social Security Assistance) recipients who are unemployed and single parents. They have different levels of education, work experiences, abilities, and skills. The New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association will arrange for the trainees to conduct job interviews according to the job requirements and their respective skill-mix. Moreover, their caseworkers and placement officers will provide support and follow-up services for a duration of 3-6 months for the employers and employed trainees after they have been employed, so as to make sure that assistance is at hand when it is needed.

For employers who are interested in employing trainees, please contact Case Manager of Supported Employment Service at 2320 3103 or via email