Foster a dog or cat from Kirsten’s Zoo

1 Dec

Once an animal has been rescued or surrendered, the first step is a medical check-up from Kirsten’s Zoo’s vet team at Acorn in Sai Ying Pun. This includes a full health check, vaccinations, desex (if required), microchip, Frontline (for fleas) and worming. The next step is to find the animal a permanent home. If immediate adoption is not possible then Kirsten’s Zoo looks for a foster home – animals thrive in this environment, good food, love and care will do wonders. Fostering offers Kirsten’s Zoo animals the best chance of finding a permanent home!

The advantage of fostering is that not only are you providing a much needed temporary home for an animal, but you have the opportunity to experience life with a pet – particularly valuable if you are unsure of committing to adoption. Kirsten’s Zoo fosters come from all backgrounds – some only ever foster, some start out fostering but find the pet they want to adopt, some have adopted and continue to foster more animals – the paths are many!

During the foster period, the animal remains in the ownership of Kirsten’s Zoo – all medical bills will be funded by the charity but Kirsten’s Zoo ask that their fosters provide the normal supplies as for an adopted pet – food, toys, a bed – and maintain the worming/de-flea/Heart Guard routine – as required. Kirsten’s Zoo fosters are also asked to attend the monthly adoption days so foster pets have the chance to meet potential adopters. Kirsten’s Zoo will be in close contact during the foster period, ask for updates on how the foster pet is getting on and for photos for advertising purposes.

To register your interest in fostering and for fostering guidelines, please complete the foster form by following this link (scroll to the bottom of the page) – you can select a cat or a dog depending on your preference. You will also be asked to complete and sign a foster agreement which sets out the terms of fostering with Kirsten’s Zoo.

About Kirsten’s Zoo: Kirsten’s Zoo Limited is a non profit, volunteer-run animal rescue organisation. Kirsten’s Zoo provides safe shelter and medical care to abandoned, surrendered, neglected and often abused animals. Their goal is to stop the flow of unwanted animals. Kirsten’s Zoo takes them in and ensures that they are spayed/neutered and have all the necessary medical care provided to them. Kirsten’s Zoo then places them in foster homes until they are adopted.

Kirsten’s Zoo does not have a shelter or their own kennels, but they do need to use private kennels at times. Kirsten’s Zoo relies on the kindness and generosity of animal lovers who are willing to provide time, love, enthusiasm and temporary foster homes for the animals that desperately need their help. With the assistance of Acorn Veterinary Hospital Kirsten’s Zoo is able to offer a package for their rescue cats and dogs, ensuring that (where possible) all of their animals leave them in the best possible health.


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