Daily Archives: September 29, 2018

Survey on single-use plastic-lined paper cups

Calling all environmentally conscious coffee drinkers! Plastic Free Seas have launched a HK-wide research project on the use of single-use plastic-lined paper cups in coffee shops (these are NOT recyclable!). The process is easy: next time you’re in a coffee shop, scans your eyes over the seats and do a spot-check. Add what you see into this Google Form to be part of this powerful project that will help kick-start a campaign to reduce the use of these cups. BE THE CHANGE!!! #DitchDisposables

Anyone can do this and you can start right away.

This survey will continue until October 14.

About Plastic Free Seas: Plastic Free Seas is a Hong Kong based non profit organisation dedicated to advocating change in the way we all view and use plastics in society today, through education and action campaigns.