28 Sep

Playright Children’s Play Association (Playright) was founded in 1987 as a non-profit making organization by Anne Marden, BBS JP. She is now Playright‘s Honorary President and a member of its Executive Committee. This initiative reflected her passionate belief in the importance and power of play for all children and it called attention to the pressing need to provide adequate inclusive play resources throughout the community. In the early days, Playright’s main focus was on the provision of play environments, and it worked with the then Urban Council to create Hong Kong’s first ever themed playground in leafy King’s Park in 1989. Since then, Playright has progressively diversified its work and services in line with changing needs, expectations, values and research findings relating to child play and development.

Playright Beliefs:
Playright is the voice of children where they are not fairly or fully represented.

Play unlocks the full potential of our children as individuals, empowering them to secure a better future.

Playright’s Work :
Playright seeks to enrich the life of every child through quality play. Playright makes a difference in the lives of children by encouraging them to play. Playright further seeks to demonstrate to parents, teachers, policymakers and the public at large that quality play is vital if the full range of the child’s developmental and other needs is to be successfully met.

Through action, research and publicity covering four related areas – Advocacy, Play Resources, Play Outreach and Play Environments – Playright is helping to unlock the full potential of children in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia.

Playright now serves more than 250,000 children and their families each year.

Volunteer: To spread the play value, Playright needs a large number of volunteers to help them run all their many activities. Playright can put play to work for the betterment of Hong Kong and its children!

To sign up as a volunteer, please follow this link.

For further information please contact
Tel : +852 2898 2922
Email :

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