Angels for Orphans

17 May

Angels for Orphans is the guardian for their chosen children’s charities. Angels for Orphans currently raises awareness and funds for charities in Hong Kong, Cambodia and Indonesia that work tirelessly on the ground to improve the lives of the many children in their care.

Every child has a right to love, protection, happiness, education, care, shelter, food, medicine, clothing and hope. Yet, sadly, thousands of orphaned children are denied a safe and loving environment in which to flourish and grow. They find themselves caught up in the endless cycle of violence, disease, mal-nutrition and ignorance that blights their young and fragile lives. Extreme poverty is their harsh reality. In many countries, there is no protection or state funding for children whose parents die, leaving them orphaned, alone and destitute.

As our world faces tough times and many cross border challenges, so do many parents. Protecting and caring for their children has become even more difficult. Historically, being an orphan meant you had no parents but it has now been noted by numerous NGO’s that this definition has changed. Many of the orphans living in orphanages are there because their impoverished parents do not believe they can care for them. Such children in care are widely referred to as “Economic Orphans“.

Angels for Orphans is currently working with three very worthwhile charities which tirelessly strive to give renewed hope to vulnerable, disadvantaged and neglected children in their care. Angels for Orphans is very proud to be partnered with Bali Kids in Indonesia, Sunrise Children’s Village in Cambodia and Po Leung Kuk in Hong Kong. Their dedicated team of volunteers in Hong Kong; are working to secure funding for various projects managed by these charities. Together, they seek to provide the children under their wings with the happy and healthy futures they so deserve. Angels for Orphans is a Hong Kong registered non-for-profit which supports local children as well as those overseas and since their establishment in 2009, their passion has driven them to help children wherever the need is most desperate. They are pro-active in raising the profile and fund raising for each of their partner organisations. Their volunteers on the ground in Hong Kong champion passionate companies and individuals who can help bring about change.

Become an Angel: Since Angels for Orphans’ establishment in 2009, their passion has driven them to help children where the needs are most desperate. They realize how key it is that they, as volunteers, are pro-active in raising the profile and funds for each of their partner organizations. This is achieved by engaging with the local community, championing passionate companies and individuals to assist with well needed changes. Angels for Orphans believes it is important to help educate our global young citizens within local schools, as they will become the future Angels. This is accomplished by coordinating and hosting events as well as giving presentations.

With that in mind it seems their work is never done……
If you can tick more than one of the boxes below, then Angels for Orphans needs you
* Organised
* Dedicated
* Full of Energy
* Passionate about the future of children
* Expert in your industry field
* Time on your hands

Please follow this link and apply now.

Angels for Orphans also believes it is important to help educate our global young citizens within Hong Kong’s schools as they are future Angels. Angels for Orphans visits schools, coordinating and hosting events, and giving presentations.

For more information, please email

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