Volunteer for Books & Beyond Reading Club

3 Apr

Books & Beyond Reading Club is a community service initiative founded in July 2014 by a group of passionate individuals. It all started with the idea that all children should have the opportunity to learn English in a fun and relaxing environment and develop their social emotional skills to succeed in school and life.

Books & Beyond Reading Club’s mission is to help children develop a love of reading, nurture social-emotional skills in the face of challenges, build healthy relationships and make sound decisions.

Programme Objectives:
* Enable confident self-expression in English
* See English learning as fun and enjoyable experience
* Build essential social-emotional skills to self-reflect, relate to others positively and make wise decisions

Volunteer: Only two hours on a Saturday morning can make a difference!

As a volunteer you will be the leader of 2-3 students (aged 8-10) to ensure the needs of each child in your group are met. You will help them
* Understand the content of the storybook
* Participate in activities
* Speak English without worrying about mistakes
* Have fun!

Details of the session
The story book, lesson plan, school address, directions and meeting point will be shared in a WhatsApp group at least 4 days before the session.

What to prepare
Please bring a photo (your pet, plant, holiday…) or an item that you would like to share with the kids in a 5 minute “Getting To Know You” show and tell.

To sign up, please follow this link

For more information, please email booksnbeyondreading@gmail.com


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