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Volunteer for the HER Fund

10 Jan

HER Fund was set up on March 8, 2004 by a group of committed women activists in honour of International Women’s Day. Their main objective is to raise funds and give grants to support work by women, with women and for women in Hong Kong. Next to this, an important aspect of their work is to raise awareness of women’s position and rights in Hong Kong.

Women’s organizations in Hong Kong have been working hard to strive for gender equality. Over the years, they have significantly raised women’s status in society. However, many of them are finding it increasingly difficult to secure funding to continue their valuable work. In late 2001, several long-time women activists in Hong Kong embarked on a project to set up a women’s fund. The idea received support from Mama Cash (Netherlands), Global Fund for Women (USA) and the Hong Kong Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities. In 2002, the group undertook a study on the funding needs of women NGOs in Hong Kong and in 2003, Hong Kong Women’s Fund (Preparatory Committee) was formally registered as a society. In 2004, the society set up HER Fund Limited. They received their charity status and tax exemption (IR File No.: 91/7393) in June 2005.

HER Belief:
HER Fund believes in the wisdom and capacity of women to determine their needs and aspirations and to develop strategies to achieve them.

HER Vision:
HER Fund envisions a society that will secure and promote the human rights for all, without discrimination on any grounds, and in all areas of life and work.

HER Mission:
HER Fund mobilizes resources and invests in empowering women and girls to create change in communities for gender equality.

HER Work:
HER Fund advances women and girls’ rights through grant-making, capacity building and resource development. They give financial grants to improve the situation and protect the human rights of marginalized and grassroots women.

What you can do to help:
Are you looking for a meaningful way to explore and share your unique talents?
Become a HER Fund Volunteer and give a gift of time to help them promote the human rights for all women. HER Fund would greatly appreciate any help you can offer!

Professional support: HER Fund needs talented volunteers to give them advice and support help them in communication, marketing, fund raising, IT support, accounts, financial analysis, etc.

Programmes support: Assist HER Fund at fundraising events and educational programmes, including photoshooting, video recording, reception, etc.

Office support: Assist HER Fund in data entry and administrative work during office hours.

Free support: You can help translate documents, typesetting, designing, etc. at home at anytime.

If you are interested in volunteering, please follow this link to download the application form.