LAP Lifelong Animal Protection Charity

6 Feb

LAP exists to help animals in Hong Kong and to bring about the conditions whereby every animal has a good home.

lap-1What they do
– To stop the healthy animals from being killed or abandoned every day, LAP promotes the castration / neutral, just because there are too many animals and there are too few homes
– Rescue, care and look for abandoned and abused domestic animals
– Actively spaying and neutering Lamma’s stray animals-the humane alternative to trapping, killing and poisoning
– Generating publicity to enhance awareness of the problems; educating individuals and the public about RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP
– Through legislation, to eliminate the killing of companion animal health and other ill-treatment

lap-2The Outcome of Pet Overpopulation
In Hong Kong, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
(漁農自然護理署) put to sleep 10000 dogs and 4000 cats each year.

This figure excludes those euthanized by the SPCA. The reasons contributing to this tragedy are pets overpopulation due to abandonment by owners, breeders, uncontrolled production by homeless cats and dogs etc.

What you can do to help
lap-4Adopt a Cat or Dog
For a rehoming fee is $1800 for dogs or $1200 for cats, adopt. Just complete the forms by following these links: cat, dog

Fostering means looking after a rescued, orphaned or recovering animal for a short time. Choosing to foster is a great community service. The best part is having the SATISFACTION of hearing a purr or seeing a wagging tail and knowing you have given an animal a second chance.

Keeping an adoptable animal temporarily in your home is a vital step in the adoption process. Fostering an animal not only improves the chances for the animal to be seen and adopted; it also benefits the volunteer who gets the satisfying chance to really make a difference in that animal’s life. In addition the animal gains additional “socialisation” through your attention and through opportunities for play.

Some animals come from abusive and neglectful backgrounds and benefit greatly from personalised attention.

Many fostered animals are initially timid and wary but gain confidence in a loving and consistent environment. They are actually better off after having been through this intermediate step, able to adapt more rapidly and completely to their permanent homes.

If you already have animals at home a foster animal can provide them with a great playmate and can revitalize older animals, helping to keep them fit and stimulated.

If you are interested in fostering, simply complete this form.

Countless giving individuals have contributed hundreds of hours of unpaid service for animals. Organising events, walking dogs, bottle-feeding motherless puppies and kittens, matching their shelter pets with the right prospective adopters, answering phones, and fostering newborn orphaned pets are just a few of the live saving efforts these wonderful animal lovers perform.

If you are interested in volunteering, simply follow this link and complete the form provided.

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