Time Auction – volunteer and meet amazing people!

27 Jan

If you like volunteering and at the same time want to meet and learn from industry leaders, this one is for you.

time-auction-logoWhat is Time Auction?
Time Auction is a platform where you can meet amazing people by doing amazing things – volunteering!

How it works
Find a reward donated by someone you’d love to meet, apply and pledge to do the volunteer hours. Once you’ve completed the volunteer hours in the required time period, you can claim your reward!

Note: Reward quota is limited. If a reward is oversubscribed, successful applicants will be notified after the application deadline.

Once your application is successful, you could start volunteering! After you complete the stated volunteer hours in time and Time Auction verifies your hours, then the reward is yours!

How does Time Auction validate my hours?
When you make your bid, Time Auction will ask you to provide them with the name of the organization you volunteered at, as well as the name, number, and email of a supervisor or colleague. Time Auction will then do their due diligence and if everything checks out, then your hours are verified.

Are there certain time constraints?
Yes. Each reward has its own volunteer period, which is the date by which all volunteer hours must be completed (see the “Requirements” section of each auction).

To find out more and to sign up, please visit their website.

Still have questions?
Email Time Auction at team@timeauction.hk.


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