Green Hub

9 Sep

Welcome to the Green Hub, a centre for sustainable living.

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) was selected by the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2010 to transform the heritage site, in Hong Kong’s New Territories, into a “Green Hub for Sustainable Living” under Batch II of the “Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme” (Revitalisation Scheme).

green hub 2The Green Hub has reimagined the Old Tai Po Police Station, a Grade 1 listed historic building built in 1899, to demonstrate how we can live sustainably while at the same time respecting nature and respecting each other. Visitors are invited to enjoy their locally-sourced, healthy food; join one of their transformative educational courses; learn about community events; engage with a network of community members who care about living lightly on our planet; and experience the beauty of this tranquil heritage site.

The Green Hub offers solutions to the challenges facing us in finding harmony with the natural world. Such challenges include the widespread disconnection between people and nature, over-population, an economic order that demands limitless growth, and over-exploits biodiversity and resources, causing the collapse of ecosystems, runaway climate change, and endangers our food security.

The Green Hub’s role is to “help people help themselves” by seeking a lifestyle in tune with nature and with their local community, and for us all to lead lower-carbon lives.

What you can do to help
green hub
Volunteers at the Green Hub enrich and enhance the life of Green Hub and play a vital role in supporting a wide range of sustainable living educational programmes and conservation work. Volunteers are a valued and integral part of Green Hub. Their volunteers donate a range of talents and skills to promote sustainable living and assist our daily operation. Green Hub hopes that you can both enjoy and learn from your volunteer experience at Green Hub.
Volunteers Opportunities
– Education programmes and activities
– Low carbon catering
– Co-op Market
– Gardening
– Visitor Centre

– Hong Kong citizen aged 18 or above
– Appreciate sustainable lifestyle
– Interested in nature and heritage conservationGood presentation and communication skills
– Able to speak fluent Cantonese, basic English and Mandarin
– Able to attend their Volunteer Induction Day are preferred.

Date for the next Volunteer Induction Day : 24 September 2016

Time: 2:00 – 4:40pm

Place: Green Hub, 11 Wan Tau Kok Lane, Tai Po, Hong Kong

To find out more and to register for the Volunteer Induction Day, please follow this link and visit their website.


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