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Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society

9 Jul
Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society

Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society

Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society (HKDCS) was established in December 2003 and it is the only society dedicated to the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises of Hong Kong. Effective from 14 July 2005, HKDCS has been recognized as a charitable organization, with Inland Revenue file number 91/7756.

In recent years, Chinese white dolphin has become one of the most celebrated wildlife adored by the Hong Kong public, and has also been an important member of our fragile marine ecosystem. However, the general public still knows only a little of these mysterious creatures, and local cetaceans have not received the full protection from human yet.

dolphin watch 3In order to enhance the knowledge of general public on cetaceans in Hong Kong and around the world, and to effectively protect them in a long run, HKDCS aims to:

To arouse public awareness on:
– biology and conservation of Chinese white dolphins and finless porpoises in Hong Kong, and cetaceans in other parts of the world
– preservation of dolphins and their habitats in Hong Kong
– impacts posed by dolphin-watching activities to dolphin and the importance of raising standard of dolphin-watching industry in Hong Kong
– global issues of whales and dolphins such as captivity, whaling, fishery bycatch and marine pollution

To conduct scientific research on wild dolphins in Hong Kong and nearby regions like China and Taiwan

To educate the school children on the importance of dolphin conservation

To offer opportunity for research interns and volunteers to participate in the conservation of local cetaceans

To provide a forum for dolphin-lovers to gather, interact and share dolphin-watching and conservation experience

dolphin watch logoThrough scientific research and educating the public, HKDCS hopes to protect the local dolphins and porpoise residing in Hong Kong waters. In this section, learn more about the HKDCS mission, a message from our chairman, as well as the structure of our society including the lists of scientific advisors and committee members.

How to get involved
Take action today by getting involved in the cetacean conservation efforts of HKDCS.

dolphin watchJoin HKDCS on the next dolphin research trip, become a research intern or volunteer to participate in a full range of research and educational activities. Stay in touch with HKDCS by subscribing to their eNewsletter, or read about the latest dolphin sightings and activities featured in their intern blog. You can also support HKDCS by making a donation to support their research programme and public awareness campaigns.

Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society relies largely on volunteers to carry out research, educational programmes and administrative work. HKDCS cordially invites their members to fill these volunteer positions and to help out at various programmes organised by HKDCS.

If you are interested to help out, please email HKDCS ( and they will keep you informed about the next activity or event. The dolphins and the HKDCS team can’t wait to meet you!

Research Intern
If you are an undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Biology, Environmental Science or any other related subjects, and are interested in learning more about a career in wildlife research, you are most welcomed to apply for the HKDCS research internship programme to engage in hands-on experience as a dolphin field researcher. Please click here for more details on the duties, requirements and how to apply.