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The Women’s Foundation

twf 2The Women’s Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong.

The Women’s Foundation was established in 2004 after a group of like-minded women identified the need for an organisation that would provide a voice for women and girls in Hong Kong.

Their primary objective was to tackle the challenges and inequities that women and girls face across Hong Kong society; a greater likelihood of being poorer and lower paid, subject to domestic violence, subject to prejudice in many industries, and less likely to achieve senior positions in the workplace or in politics.

twfThe Women’s Foundation was thus launched, modeled on the best such organisations around the world and based on the following key principles: action based on empirical research, dedicated and diverse supporters committed to change, and the support of the private sector for funding and institutional support to engineer change.

Their work in Hong Kong includes: Challenging gender stereotypes, empowering women in poverty, and advancing women leaders.

What you can do to help
twf volunteer_0If you can contribute some time, expertise or other support to TWF and their endeavours, TWF would love to hear from you!

twf 3Current volunteer opportunities include:
Be An English Instructor
The Women’s Foundation is currently looking for volunteers to work with disadvantaged youth and marginalised women to practise and improve their spoken English.

Volunteers can either participate in our small group workshops at local schools mainly in Kwai Chung, Sham Shui Po and Tin Shui Wai on Saturdays or Sundays or provide one on one support at a date/time/venue to be agreed with TWF programme beneficiaries.

TWF is looking in particular for volunteers for whom English is their first language and who are enthusiastic about teaching and engaging with local marginalised groups. Teaching experience is preferred but is not essential.

Run A Skills Workshop
The Women’s Foundation is currently looking for volunteers to teach local disadvantaged youth different types of skills e.g. arts and crafts, cooking, guitar, photography, film-making and drama.

Volunteers should be experts in a specific skill, able to communicate in Cantonese, and who are enthusiastic about teaching and engaging with local marginalised groups. Teaching experience is preferred but is not essential.

Help with a TWF Event
TWF is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with their busy calendar of events in particular their signature International Women’s Day Lunch and Annual Gala Dinner. Volunteers are welcome to work on any and all aspects of their events from event planning and logistics support, to being a TWF ambassador on the day.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Please email volunteer@twfhk.org, or visit their website.

twf internTWF offers a limited number of internships every year to individuals with an interest in learning about gender issues in the local and global context and who are passionate about helping them further their mission at The Women’s Foundation. Internships with TWF are in high demand and places are limited.

Internships with TWF are unpaid. To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter outlining your interest in an internship to hr@twfhk.org

About The Women’s Foundation:

twf logoVision
The Women’s Foundation’s vision is a Hong Kong in which women and girls have the opportunity, support and resources to thrive and achieve their true potential

The Women’s Foundation exists to promote the full and equal participation of women and girls in all aspects of Hong Kong society, by engaging in research, programmes, education and advocacy to drive measurable change

Strategic Goals
To be a credible independent resource for expertise and objective research on women’s issues in Hong Kong

To create positive and measurable change for women’s economic self-reliance through the implementation of sustainable programmes and initiatives

To work with local NGOs, businesses, government, academics and media to identify areas for effective collaboration

To challenge gender stereotypes that are at the root cause of so many constraints that women face and impose on themselves

To increase institutional investment in, and the active implementation of, equal opportunities for women in the workplace