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Harmony House

harmony house 2Harmony House is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing preventive, remedial and developmental programs and services for individuals, families and communities affected by, or at risk of domestic violence.

Since their establishment in 1985 as the first shelter for abused women and their children in Hong Kong, they have developed into a one-stop anti-domestic violence service agency, with 2 additional service centres located in Kwun Tong and Kwai Tsing.

On top of their women, men and children hotline, they also provide counselling and therapeutic services for victims, batterers and children witnessing domestic violence through case and group interventions.

They reach out to identify at risk families via screening and provide follow-up support. At the community level, they offer school-based educational programs on emotions and dating violence prevention.

Community education programs and parenting skills training are also provided to the public to promote harmonious and healthy family relations.

They provide training to multi-disciplinary professionals and advocate for policies and legislations on behalf of victims of violence, their families and communities.

*Harmony House serves all ethnic groups and people of difference sexual orientations, religions, or other backgrounds

Harmony-House-lideHow you can help: As a volunteer, you can be part of one of the most proactively altruistic organisations in the city. For more information on volunteering, please visit their website.