Green Ladies – Consign Clothes

16 Mar

Spring is coming! That’s when us ladies start looking at our wardrobe weeding out unpopular pieces. But what should we do with the discarded pieces? Have you thought about consignment?

green ladiesMeet Green Ladies, a social enterprise project of the St James Settlement, a nonprofit who has served Hong Kong since 1949.

When you consign:
Fashion Recycling – Consignor Wins
Ladies love fashion, but trend changes so often. In Green Ladies Shop, ladies can recycle their high-quality fashion and can have a little bit return after items sold. At the same time it avoids wastage.

Fashion Reuse – Customer Wins
Green Ladies Shop is a good platform for shoppers and helps them to achieve the concept of restyling. They can also purchase trendy items at a reasonable price to fully utilize resources in the society to support eco-friendly habits.

Create job opportunity and better environment – Society Wins
Green Ladies Shop promotes Green Culture, aims to incorporate eco focus and create employment and training opportunity to middle-aged ladies for people enhancement.

WalkTheTalk_ENG_03How do you consign?
1. Go to a Green Ladies shop during the designated hours, fill in the consignment contract. All profit will be divided in a 7:3 proportion, consignors can take a maximum profit of 30%. Due to high operating costs, Green Ladies invite consignors to donate a part of your profit to the shop.
2. Staff will do the screening and selection of fashion. A receipt will be issued for the collection for your reference.
3. A sales report will be emailed to the consignor at the 15th of each month and income will be transferred to the registered account by auto-pay before the 21st of each succeeding month.

For more information about consignments, their consignment terms, and location of their shops, please visit their website.


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