Crossroads Needs You: Donate, Volunteer, find Land

28 Feb

By 15 March, Crossroads will be relocating 2/3 of their volunteer staff, tons of stock, several simulation x-periences and needing to meet broader associated costs.

Why is Crossroads needing to move?
Crossroads is being asked to move because the Government of the HKSAR is planning to build private sector housing on the portion of the former Perowne Barracks site which Crossroads occupies.

Why the current urgency?
Two hectares of Crossroads’ current property must be returned to the government by 15 March 2016. It has been earmarked for luxury housing construction with invitations for tender due to be issued prior to the end of March.

crossroads needs youThe plan Crossroads had been executing for this, however, suddenly needed to be changed, very recently and very unexpectedly.
Plan A. A company had kindly agreed to house half of Crossroads’ people for five years, pro bono. Crossroads worked hard to prepare for this. Through no fault of their own, however, the company encountered a major impediment which meant that, a short time ago, they told us this was no longer possible. No new location has been found
Plan B. Suddenly, therefore, Crossroads needed to find an alternative plan, immediately actionable. They have come up with a strategy to re-configure the eastern side of their site in any and every way they can to make this possible. This is being done consultatively with the government. It is not, however, cheap. Crossroads needs, in short, to find the money to develop accommodation for 50 people at very short notice.

How YOU can help
Thermometer-graphic-1024x529Donate: Donated funds are Crossroads’ urgent need. The amount they currently need is HK$4 million. Recently, they have received HK$1.6 million. Crossroads urgently needs another HK$2.4 million. (Budget available.) Could you help in ways large or small? (Tax deductibility is available for donations in Hong Kong, Australia, the UK, and the US.)
Crossroads would be grateful for any donation, of any size. Please note, though, that this is not a time when they can submit long application processes. They need donors who can help quickly.
To donate online, follow this link.

Volunteer: Volunteer your help/expertise. Crossroads will need extra volunteers in preparation for the move.

Have land? Know of any? Crossroads needs land sufficient to support approx. 45,000-50,000 sq m GFA. This probably equates to 1.6 -2 hectares, provided they can build to 8 or 9 storeys. Email Crossroads at if you have any ideas about land options that they might pursue.

Sign up to Crossroads newsletters where they will keep you posted.

For the full story, please go to the Crossroads website.

About Crossroads: Crossroads’ goal is to connect people in a broken world. As our name suggests, we try to be a crossroads: bringing together those in need and those who can help. We do so in four ways.

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION: Where need meets resource We are donated excellent quality goods by business and private donors. We distribute these to people in need, in Hong Kong and around the world.

GLOBAL HAND: Partnering for a better world Global Hand is a match-making service which links for-profit and non-profit organisations who want to partner to help meet global need.

GLOBAL X-PERIENCE: Stepping into another’s shoes We offer simulation x-periences in which participants step, briefly, ‘into the shoes’ of people facing global challenges: war, poverty, HIV vulnerability, blindness, environmental challenges, hunger, etc.

GLOBAL HANDICRAFTS: Fair trade for a fairer world Aid helps people today. An income helps them tomorrow. Global Handicrafts Marketplace sells goods from people in need within Hong Kong, and around the world, on a fair trade basis.

Volunteering at Crossroads is one way you can line up the skills you have, with your hopes to make a difference to a broken world. We need people with almost any skills to do jobs like packing goods, driving trucks, cooking meals, administration and computer work, gardening and landscaping, art and design, and much more.


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