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Christmas Food Drive Program 2015

Christmas is coming. Do you want to spread your love to deprived families? Please support the People’s Food Bank’s Christmas Food Drive Program 2015.
What’s needed is Rice, Noodles and Canned Food. All must be sealed with at least 8 weeks to Expiry Date

To donate, simply deliver your donations directly to following centers
a) G/F, Shop1-3, Fortune Court, 10 Sai On Lane, Sai Ying Pun, HK
b) Shop 1 – 3, G/F, Man Hing House, Tai Hang Sai Estate, Shek Kip Mei, HK

If you questions, please contact People’s Food Bank directly at
Tel:2975-8777 (Ms. Kwok) Fax:2915-5215

Collection Dates: From 23 November 2015 to 31 December 2015

Please Act!

About the People’s Food Bank: The office of the People’s Food Bank is located at Sai On Centre, Sai Ying Pun. It was originally a relief centre for street sleepers. It went into operation on 24 March 1997 and is still providing services for street sleepers on Hong Kong Island today.

All along, the centre has been providing food for street sleepers and emergency food supplies for the poor to relieve their hunger. After the financial crisis of 1998, the issue of poverty worsened in Hong Kong. A UN report on human development pointed out that in terms of the gap between the rich and the poor, Hong Kong ranked number 3 in developed areas of the whole world and number 1 in developed areas of Asia. The SAR Government reduced the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) for the first time in June 1999. This caused further hardship to those who relied on the SAR Government for their livelihood. With the economic downturn and high rate of unemployment, the number of street sleepers shot up. The number of referrals to this centre for food assistance continued to increase.

In November 2002, with the help of Food Link, the centre obtained leftovers from a hotel. The food collected, combined with vegetables, provided food for the stomachs of 12 people on average every day. In 2003 when SARS was ravaging the territory, the hotel stopped the supply of food. The free food service offered by the centre was temporarily suspended. Fortunately, a donation made by a Mr Li meant that the service could be relaunched. The daily quota for meal service increased from 12 to 24. Thereafter, the number of people asking for food assistance kept on increasing. As a result, St. James’ Settlement formally established the People’s Food Bank on 13 December 2003, providing the poor with temporary free food assistance.

The People’s Food Bank only receives a small amount of subsidies from the SAR Government. Most of the food, money, tools and equipment are donated by benefactors. The People’s Food Bank main task is the collection of food and monetary donations. Their partner agencies in various districts in turn deliver the food to the poor.

Their Mission: The People’s Food Bank’s mission is to provide food to people in need on a short-term and weekly basis, relieve hunger and to promote social cohesion through encouraging people to share resources with those less fortunate than themselves.

Feeding Hong Kong’s Santa’s Sack Campaign

2015-EDM_HeaderFill a bag and feed a family in need this Christmas!

Did you know 1 in 5 people in Hong Kong live in poverty? Feeding Hong Kong works extra hard at this time of year to share the festive spirit and create a Christmas that everyone can enjoy. They currently support over 60 welfare centres in Hong Kong with regular food donations and with your help, They hope to be able to drop-off an extra special delivery to them this holiday season!

What is the Santa Sack campaign?

The Santa Sack campaign was launched in 2012 and the main aim is to provide extra food parcels to people in need in Hong Kong during the festive period. Feeding Hong Kong’s generous supporters have helped deliver 3,000 Santa Sacks that benefited almost 8,000 people in need over the last three years. Their target for 2015 is to deliver 2,000 Santa Sacks for individuals in need and 20 Holiday Hampers for charity kitchens. It is a tall order but with your help, we can achieve it!

How can you get involved?

Festive Food Drive: to support their Santa Sacks Campaign with food donations, simply complete the registration form and email it to Feeding Hong Kong will send you the resources pack, including instructions showing how to set up a food donation point, a promotional poster with the shelf-stable items that are most needed and advice about how to arrange deliveries. They will sort the food items and deliver them to people in need before Christmas Day.

The perfect Christmas present: for foodies, students on a budget and busy high flyers. The 2015 edition of Feeding Hong Kong’s Recipe Collection ‘Fast Food’ is the ideal gift for them all. It includes nutritious recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less, for $10 per portion and with limited equipment. Buy the cookbook here. All proceeds will support their Chefs in the Community Programme.

Join the Christmas Bread Run: Feeding Hong Kong is preparing a very special Bread Run on Tuesday 22 December. Invite family, friends and colleagues and get into the festive spirit. Please register here if you would like to be a bread rescuer.

Donate your Christmas decorations: help Feeding Hong Kong to bring extra seasonal sparkle to people in need! Calling for local businesses, companies and individuals to donate new or gently used Christmas decorations to Feeding Hong Kong. Please contact for more information.

Spread the love: Share this information, like Feeding Hong Kong on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and help fight hunger and food waste in Hong Kong!.

With your help, Feeding Hong Kong will continue to provide food support to those in need in our city. Their charity partners include shelters for the homeless, senior day centres, children’s homes and other non-profit programmes that provide food to the hungry.

About Feeding Hong Kong:

Feeding Hong Kong’s mission is simple: to feed people in Hong Kong who would otherwise go hungry. This is their primary goal and their reason for existence. Thankfully, the way Feeding Hong Kong work allows them to achieve a number of other worthwhile goals along the way:
– Feeding Hong Kong offers food retailers and manufacturers a convenient, safe and reliable way to channel surplus food to local charities that help feed people in need.
– Feeding Hong Kong helps reduce the volume of food waste being sent to landfill.
– Feeding Hong Kong raises public awareness about poverty and food insecurity in Hong Kong.
– Feeding Hong Kong encourages partnerships between existing government, civil society and private sector efforts.
– Feeding Hong Kong promotes volunteerism and support existing community outreach programmes.
– Feeding Hong Kong promotes healthy eating and nutritional education to the most vulnerable groups in our community.

InspiringHK Sports Foundation

InspiringHK Sports Foundation was founded in late 2012 with a vision of effecting societal change through spreading sportsmanship. InspiringHK believes sports has the power to nurture youth in a way that little else does. It is a language that they understand. It also creates hope when they are in times of despair. Their rigorous sports programmes equip youth with values such as confidence, discipline and perseverance, to enable them to overcome challenges that will inevitably appear in their lives.

inspiringhkGreat Sporting Experience
– Professional coaches (mostly former/current Hong Kong Team athletes)
– Many opportunities to take part in open competitions
– Free/ subsidised use of sports equipment and training grounds
– 150+ hours of sports training over 2 years
Close Guidance and Care
– Dedicated adult mentors to guide their beneficiaries
– Whole-hearted executives to monitor their beneficiaries’ progress
– Remedial actions for students with inconsistent behaviours
– 30+ hours of learning experience programmes over 2 years
Diversity and Collaboration
– Synergy of different sectors to effect change
– Advisors with rich charity management experience
– Ambassadors with a strong sporting image and reputation
Minimal Administrative Cost
– Almost all of our executives are volunteers
– Close to 100% use of income on their programmes

For more information about InspiringHK, please visit their website.

How you can help
Passionate about serving the community? InspiringHK provides a platform where you can create a real impact and where you are given the support to do it. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit their website for more information.

Updated August 2016

Italian Charity Day at Sandy Bay

iwa_colThe first Annual ‘Italian Charity Day at Sandy Bay’ was held in December 1983. This Fund Raising Event is organized by the Italian Women’s Association to raise funds for The Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay, a paediatric hospital specializing in orthopaedics, neurology and degenerative diseases.

The fair is an annual event which is held on the first Saturday of December. It has two main attractions: ‘II Mercatino’, a bazaar of products donated by Italian sponsors, and ‘Le Grazie’ restaurant serving authentic Italian dishes prepared by the local Italian community. People are welcome to reserve a table at the delicious restaurant or enjoy Italian dishes at the ‘Gourmet Corner’, at a minimal cost and with all proceeds supporting a worthy cause.

Date: Saturday, 5 December 2015

Time: 10am – 5pm

Location: Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital, Sandy Bay

Life Buddies – Become a Mentor

Mentoring is a trusting relationship between a young person and an older, more experienced non-parental figure who provides guidance, support, and encouragement to the mentee (DuBois & Karcher, 2005).

A2_EnglishYou can become a qualified mentor by registering here to become a mentor in the “Life Buddies” Scheme and by joining their training course here.

A Mentor plays an important role in mentoring relationship and have a profound impact on the growth and development of the young people. To build a trusting relationship between mentors and mentees, mentors will need to be committed with time and effort to be a role model of young people. Good mentors usually share the following basic attributes:
- Passionate and committed in youth development and willing to spend time with young people
- Respectful of differences
- Caring and active listening
- Discreet in words and behaviour
- Empathy
- Be open and flexible
- Familiarize with mentoring and career planning

The Life Buddies website is a one-stop portal which provides information on mentoring including mentor recruitment and training, “Life Buddies” scheme, stories, manuals and studies.

About Life Buddies: Youth Education, Employment and Training Task Force under the Commission on Poverty (CoP) launched a career-focused mentoring scheme named “Life Buddies” in October 2015 to promote mentoring culture in the community. The Scheme aims at encouraging more active participation from business and members of the public to be mentors to give aspirations and advice to disadvantaged younger generation to help them to identify their life and career goals and make early preparation so as to enhance their social mobility.

logo_life_buddies_mentoring_portalKey elements of the Scheme include:

1. “Life Buddies” Mentoring Portal
“Life Buddies” Mentoring Portal is a one-stop platform operated by Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) for interested individuals and volunteer teams of corporates to be mentors of senior forms of secondary students by providing recruitment, matching, training and referral services. Non-governmental organizations and schools organizing mentoring programmes could also recruit mentors through this platform.

2. Schools Visits
Government officials will visit secondary schools in 18 districts in Hong Kong to share with senior-form students their life stories and working experience so as to widen the horizons as well as develop the positive attitudes and resilience of younger generation.

3. Career-focused Mentoring Programme
In collaboration with non-governmental organizations, business enterprises will be invited to provide workplace skills training and internship opportunities for youth aged 15 or above equip them with necessary vocational knowledge and skills for employment, develop positive working attitude and career goals.

4. Evaluation Study
An evaluation study for the Scheme will be conducted to collating useful data and information in planning future efforts to promote youth mentoring for upward social mobility.

Christmas Cards for Charity

xmas cards 15_Page_1Looking for cards for Christmas? And donate to charity? Take a look at these. Many of the cards are drawn by students, including those with special education needs. Money raised will benefit the The Society for Relief of Disabled Children.

xmas cards 15_Page_2Don’t wait, order yours now by downloading the catalogue and order form from their website.

xmas cards 15_Page_3About The Society for Relief of Disabled Children: The Society for Relief of Disabled Children believes every child has the right to live happy and fulfilling lives and they strive for a world in which disadvantaged children can grow fulfilled lives and contribute to society and realize their full potential.

xmas cards 15_Page_5The Society for Relief of Disabled Children is committed to:
– Promoting awareness of equality and freedom from discrimination in the community – Improving the children’s physical health by sponsoring medical, surgical and rehabilitation services
– Caring for their psychological wellbeing and mental mindset and by empowering them with love and care

Sandy Bay Charity Fair at DKCH

Sandy_Bay_Charity_FairSince 1981, the annual Sandy Bay Fair has been held on the first Saturday in November, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m. Held at the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay at Pokfulam, the Fair is legendary and well attended by the public. Loads of bargains, lots of fun, laughter and delicious food. All net proceeds are used to support the Hospital to improve medical facilities.

So come and have some fun, and stock up on Christmas cards and gifts for friends and family.

Date: Saturday, 7 November 2015

Time: 10am – 5pm

Location: The Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay
12 Sandy Bay Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Cost: Free

About The Society for Relief of Disabled Children: The Society for Relief of Disabled Children believes every child has the right to live happy and fulfilling lives and they strive for a world in which disadvantaged children can grow fulfilled lives and contribute to society and realize their full potential.

The Society for Relief of Disabled Children is committed to:
– Promoting awareness of equality and freedom from discrimination in the community – Improving the children’s physical health by sponsoring medical, surgical and rehabilitation services
– Caring for their psychological well being and mental mindset and by empowering them with love and care