Project Home Works

6 Jun

For most people in Hong Kong, the city is perhaps home of satisfactory living standard. However a lot of social problems in the city remain invisible to us. Only if every one of us extends a helping hand, we can together achieve big social changes. Habitat for Humanity launched Project Home Works which targets to help low income families, the elderly and the physically disabled by providing free house repairing and cleaning services. The project strives to bring better homes, build community and convey hope to the society.

Basic RGBThroughout the project, Habitat for Humanity partners with different non-profit and social services organizations in search for families and people in need. A lot of our home partners especially the elderly and physically disabled, who owing to age and physical restrictions, cannot clean their homes regularly not to mention repairing the broken parts. However potential household traps threaten their home safety. Project Home Works thus step in and hope to give them a bright and clean home with hope.

habitat for humanity 1Project Home Works involves volunteers and allow them to experience first hand the unsatisfactory living conditions of the home partners. Through the program, the volunteers not only bring warmth to home partners by talking to them, but can also share their experience with friends and families, thus raising awareness of poverty housing problems.

Project Home Works is held twice every month. Be part of the Habitat for Humanity team and bring home, community and hope to more families!

habitat for humanity 3Date: The second and fourth Saturday of each month

Audience: Anyone who is interested in serving the community. Experience in home repairs and renovation is not required.

Age requirement: Aged 15 or above

Types of work: Wall Painting, fix peeling ceiling, house cleaning etc

habitat for humanity 2To find out more about Project Home Works, the next available service date and to join, please visit their website.

About Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong: Habitat for Humanity International’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Anchored by the conviction that safe and affordable housing provides a path out of poverty, since 1976 Habitat has helped more than 5 million people through home construction, rehabilitation and repairs and by increasing access to improved shelter through products and services. Habitat also advocates to improve access to decent and affordable shelter and offers a variety of housing support services that enable families with limited means to make needed improvements on their homes as their time and resources allow. As a nonprofit Christian housing organization, Habitat works in more than 70 countries and welcomes people of all races, religions and nationalities to partner in its mission.

Population is growing in cities around the world. It is estimated that 523 million people in Asia are currently living in slums. Each day, another 120,000 people are added to the populations of Asian cities, requiring the construction of at least 20,000 new dwellings daily. Housing supply simply cannot catch up with demand in Asia.

Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong is dedicated to raising awareness of the need for decent housing and harnessing resources to improve living conditions including water, lighting and sanitation for families across the Asia-Pacific region, including China.

They believe a safe, secure and decent home opens the door to improved health, better performance in school, greater economic opportunities, women empowerment, and increased community cohesion, among others. Decent housing provides a way out of poverty, not only in this generation but for generations to come.

What Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong does:

– Building, rehabilitating and repairing homes for low-income families, including the elderly and families with disabled members;
– Providing permanent housing solutions for people vulnerable to, or affected by natural disasters, conflicts and other calamities;
– Recruiting and training volunteer builders to construct decent housing alongside Habitat home partner families and support youth development in the community.


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