Interpreters needed by The Child Development Centre

31 Mar

Scientific research has consistently found that during the very first few years of life, the brain is growing and learning at its most rapid pace. This means that it is absolutely vital that we are able to reach all those in need during this critical window of time.

cdc paper dollsTimely action is the key to effective early intervention for children with special needs – time spent waiting equals time lost! This also minimises future economic costs on society and enhances their quality of life and learning potential since early intervention in later years is much harder and up to three times more costly to manage.

The Child Development Centre envisions a society where each child, irrespective of background or ability, receives an affordable, easily-accessible, world-class education in a compassionate, supportive and inclusive environment.

The Child Development Centre (CDC) works to:
– Provide tailored early intervention for all children with developmental or special educational needs delivered by a dedicated team of skilled professionals
– Empower and guides parents and service providers
– for the inclusion of all children into the community through public awareness and education

All at the CDC envision a future where:
– All our children have an equal right to education irrespective of their race or language.
– All those with special education needs are accepted, supported and included by and into society.
– Individuals with special educational needs are employed as valuable and productive members of society – currently 95% of them are unemployed globally.
– The “special” in special education is no longer necessary.

cdcTo achieve this, the CDC provides a series of consultations, screenings and assessments as well as clinics, educational programmes and therapies to help children reach their potential.

Volunteer interpreters are needed in the English programmes to help with meeting families and from time-to-time with written translation.

CDC needs help with Japanese, Nepalese, Hindi and other South East Asian languages as well.

Please contact the CDC if you feel you can help in this way. This volunteer work would be only occasional but it is extremely valuable for the CDC to have a bank of interpreters that CDC can call on when necessary.
Please email us on


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