Navigate for Charity in Hong Kong and Macau – The Salvation Army Orienteering 2014

29 Aug

salvation armyThe Salvation Army Orienteering is a city orienteering competition as well as a fundraising event. It has been attracting corporations and young working adults to take part in this meaningful game since 2006, supporting the community services of The Salvation Army. Participants can understand more about Hong Kong and Macau during the process, and travel around Macau after the competition.

This year, the event will be held on 18 October (Saturday). It tests not only navigation skills, but also running speed, fitness and strength of the participants. After finishing the competition in Macau, participants may use the ship tickets to return to Hong Kong, or stay there with teammates till the next day (19 October).

Running Around Hong Kong and Macau
salvation army 2The competition is divided into two game areas: Kowloon Peninsula and Macau Peninsula. Teams have to achieve the highest score by visiting various checkpoints with a wordless map provided. There is no set game route for the competition. Score of each checkpoint varies depending on the level of difficulty.

The competition will start at Kowloon Park and end at Pui Ching Middle School in Macau. Scores and time of each game area are calculated individually. The final result will be the total score of the two areas. Team with the highest score in each category will be the champion. If there is more than one team having the same score, the champion will be the team that completes in the shortest time.

The enrollment deadline is 5pm on 6 October (Monday). For further details, please visit the website or call 2783 2333.

Date: 18 October 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 9:30am – 6pm

Start Point: Kowloon Park
End Point: Pui Ching Middle School, Macau

Game Areas: Kowloon Peninsula and Macau Peninsula

Eligibility: Aged 18 or above

Category: Open (2-person & 4-person Team)
Corporate (4-person Team)

Minimum Fundraising Amount (HK$):
Open $4,000 / 2-person Team
$6,000 / 4-person Team
Corporate $20,000 / 4-person Team
(If 3 teams or more enroll, $15,000 / team)

Quota: 450 Players

About The Salvation Army : The Salvation Army is an International Christian church and charity working in 126 countries and has been serving Hong Kong for over 80 years. With the commitment to transforming lives, caring for people and making disciples, they are currently operating 79 social services units, 31 schools and nurseries, 17 corps (churches) and 1 outpost and 15 Family Stores in Hong Kong and Macau. There are offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Yunnan for poverty alleviation development in China.

The Salvation Army are called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are dedicated to supporting the people in need in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China; and strive to respond to local needs, emergencies and disasters with the love of God. Their work spans a diverse range of areas including, but not limited to:

– People with Spiritual Needs
– Families facing Crisis
– Disadvantaged Elders
– Children and Youth
– People with Disabilities
– The Marginalised Minorities
– Disaster Survivors


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