Join the Rat Race! Raise funds for MINDSET!

25 Jun

The CENTRAL Rat Race has become one of Hong Kong’s signature charity events. Taking place in the heart of the central business district, it debuted in 2006 and has been held every year since. The race symbolizes the various challenges one faces in the business world in a fun and exciting way.

rat race 1This exhilarating event has two aims: to raise funds for MINDSET, a registered charitable organization that supports mental health-related organizations and projects in Hong Kong and mainland China, and to reinforce Hong Kong and CENTRAL as Asia’s center for business.

Like in the business world, teams of executives dressed in business attire or unlike in the business world, creative costumes and running shoes navigate eight different obstacles, passing a briefcase ‘baton’ between each other as they race their way to the finish line.

And where is this held? Right in the middle of Central, the race course uses Grade A office buildings and interconnecting pedestrian walkways to highlight the district’s value as a global business, finance and lifestyle hub.

And there are different categories to choose from:
Rat Race MapRat Race – A team relay with a total of eight legs involving obstacles and challenges focused on team collaboration. Participants will need to run with a briefcase as the baton through the various themed legs.

Big Rat Race – A race with a shorter route designed for individual senior executives. Participants race through the Fast Track (Leg 1 on Chater Road) and pass through Cheesehenge (Leg 2 via Statue Square) before going back along Chater Road to the finish line.
rat race 3
NGO Rat Race – A challenge that requires the collaboration of two NGO representatives to complete. The two members of each NGO Rat Race team work together to tackle obstacles on Chater Road. Team Member 1 passes through a shorter version of “Cheesehenge” on Chater Road and completes a drawing with a giant pen on the drawing board held by Team Member 2. Team Member 2 then carries the board and races through “Cheesehenge” before crossing the finish line. The team that completes the tasks the fastest wins.

rat race 2Junior Rat Race – A fun-filled challenge held along Chater Road for the participation of “Kid Rats” (children aged 5 to 8 years old). Kid Rats must carry a giant pen, pass through a shorter version of “Cheesehenge” along Chater Road, complete a drawing on the drawing board, then carry the drawing board and pass through the Cheesehenge again before returning to the starting point. The participant that completes the race the quickest wins.

Full rules and regulations are available here.

So how about it? Join the challenge and be the ultimate big cheese! For more information please visit their website.

Date: Sunday, 19 October

Location: Chater Road, Central

About Mindset: MINDSET’s goal is to make a difference in the area of mental health. It aims to change people’s attitudes by raising awareness and understanding of mental health issues, as well as providing direct assistance for individuals, families and organizations in need of help. MINDSET is a registered charity in Hong Kong established since 2002.

MINDSET’s current initiatives are focused on the following areas:
Education and Prevention — to raise awareness of mental health issues among young people through the in-school ‘Health in Mind’ programme, co-organized with the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. Since 2002, the programme has reached over 76,000 students, teachers and parents, and currently covers 24 secondary schools;

Reintegration — to support effective reintegration services to mental health hospitals and agencies through patient support activities, together with the promotion of a job training programme for rehabilitated people within Jardine Matheson Group companies.

Community Awareness and Fund Raising — to promote community awareness of mental health related issues through activities, and to raise funds with the aim of providing direct support services for the mentally ill, their carers and their families; examples include donations to a three-year pilot project to provide training and employment for rehabilitated individuals to help others who are suffering from mental illness; and the setting up of a home called MINDSET Place for people with chronic mental illness to assist them in reintegrating into society.


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