The 40th Sedan Chair Race – Play your favorite Movie Star

9 Jun

If you like to play dress up, hanker after the days of yore in old Hong Kong, then this event is for you! Rent a sedan chair and join the annual Sedan Chair Race and raise money for charity!
SCRB bg2

There are a number of categories for you to choose from:

The Serious Challenge 速度挑戰賽 – 8 Runners, 1 Passenger & 1 Cheer-leader*
The Fun Challenge 搞鬼挑戰賽 – 8 Runners, 1 Passenger & 1 Cheer-leader*
Serious / Fun Challenge – Ladies – 8 Runners & 1 Cheer-leader*
Serious / Fun Challenge – Schools – 8 Runners (minimum of 3 Boys & 3 Girls) & 1 Cheer-leader*
* Optional

Information about registration, entrance requirements, and sedan chairs for rent are available from their website.
sedan chair
So come out, play dress up and get ready for some serious fun!

Deadline for registration: July 2014

Date: Sunday, 26 October 2014

Time: 10am – 12noon (sedan chair race)
12noon – 4pm (bazaar)

Location: Mathilda International Hospital

A little background: in 1975 Nurse Joyce Smith created a competitive sedan chair race for charity as a means to showcase the location and facilities of the Matilda International Hospital. From this the Sedan Chair Charities Fund was established. Today the annual Sedan Chair Race is probably the most colourful fundraising event in Hong Kong’s annual charity calendar.

Their Mission: Their aim is to raise money for needy charities in Hong Kong mainly through their annual October Sedan Chair Race and Bazaar, supported by over 40 running teams and 3,000 visitors. They also organise various fund-raising activities to raise more money. The fund raised goes to support charitable organisations that generally do not receive assistance from the Hong Kong Community Chest, Hong Kong Jockey Club or the Government – none go to the Matilda International Hospital.

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