20 Apr

The Kids4Kids story started in September 2010 with the idea that when children feel empowered into action, they can learn about making a difference from a young age.
kids4kids 2
This saw the launch of Kids4Kids Books, where kids used their creative writing and illustration talents to publish a book that when sold, the proceeds go to benefit charity. To date, they have published 23 Kids4Kids Books through the annual “Writing for a Cause” competition open to all registered schools in Hong Kong and over HKD$300,000 has been donated by kids from sale of Kids4Kids Books to six beneficiary Charity Partners of Kids4Kids. kids4kids books

Kids4Kids’ programs and activities engage kids of all ages. At Kids4Kids, you’re never too young to help.
Kids4Kids Advocates is their secondary aged program for youth leadership and development.

Kids4Kids Creations are products created by kids to give back and include the annual Writing for a Cause competition, Art for a Cause and Music for a Cause projects.

kids4kidsKids4Kids in Action include outreach activities like Buddy Reading, and other ad-hoc student led service initiatives suitable for kids of all ages to participate.

Kids4Kids is a non-profit organization founded in Hong Kong in 2008 and a registered charitable institution exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Their Mission: To empower children to take responsibility with opportunities to learn about giving back — from the products created to activities organized by kids of all ages to reach out and help, in our local community, for a better Hong Kong.

Volunteering: You can be a part of this too. Maybe it is writing, design or photography that interests you, or you’re good at organizing, planning, reading, selling or public speaking? Or simply, you just want to get involved with other like-minded youth who are also passionate about making a difference in the community. To get involved and become a Kids4Kids™ volunteer, please fill in a volunteer form here.
If you are under 18 years old, you will also need to complete the parental consent form. And remember, Kids4Kids™ is a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong, so volunteering with us counts towards your community and service/CAS hours as required by an IB curriculum. You will receive a ‘Community and Service’ certificate to recognize your volunteer work Kids4Kids™.


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