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UNICEF Petition to World Leaders: Don’t let the #childrenofsyria lose another year to bloodshed and suffering

A sad milestone: 3rd anniversary of conflict in Syria
UNICEFAs the Syrian conflict will approach its fourth year on 15 March, UNICEF and their partners have issued an impassioned appeal, asking you and everyone to urge world leaders to take action to prevent the loss of a generation to violence, hardship and displacement.

• An end to the violence against the #childrenofsyria
• An end to the blocking of humanitarian assistance
• An end to attacks on humanitarian workers and facilities
• A renewed commitment to reconciliation and tolerance
• More investment in the education and psychological protection of all children affected by the conflict

You can do your part by signing this petition, just follow this link.
Multiply Your Impact: turn your signature into dozens more by sharing this petition and recruiting people you know to sign.

Founded in 1946, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is the world’s leading United Nations organisation working specifically for children, with the mandate and influence to transform their lives. The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK), one of the 36 National Committees, was founded in 1986 to raise funds to support UNICEF’s work worldwide and to promote, advocate for child rights in Hong Kong. They believe their work is not completed until all champion for child rights to achieve four Zero Sufferings for children.
ZERO Mortality ⇔ Right to Survival
Every child has the right to enjoy food, clean water, health services and a standard of living, etc. adequate for survival

ZERO Underdevelopment ⇔ Right to Development

Every child has the right to education, leisure, participation in cultural activities and understanding their basic rights, etc.

ZERO Abuse ⇔ Right to Protection
Every child has the right to special protection in situations of armed conflict or conflict with the law, and should be protected from any forms of abuse, neglect or exploitation

ZERO Isolation ⇔ Right to Participation
Every child has the right to freedom of expression; social, economic, cultural and religion activities; association and peaceful assembly; information from diverse sources