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Michaelmas Fair 2013 + Pre-Sale

The Michaelmas Fair is the annual fair of St. John’s Cathedral in Central. With many bargains to be had, it features new and used books, potted plants, china, handicrafts, household goods, clothing and numerous items from cards, wrapping paper to décor for Christmas. Don’t forget the raffle with sumptuous prizes. Proceeds benefit various charities supported by St. John’s. Programme includes
michaelmas fair– Live entertainment
– Mrs Li’s famous cakes and jams
– New and used books
– Stamps and coins
– Household items
– Bouncy castle
– Games
Fun for the whole family

Date: 26 October
Time: 10am – 4pm
Location: St. John’s Cathedral

Free admission

And there is the Michaelmas Fair Pre-Sale
Early birds, come and get some great bargains! Items chosen from donations for the pre-sale include quality handbags, household items, clothes, home accessories, decorative items etc. Don’t miss the chance for the first pick of some of the best items from the Fair.

Date: 20 October
Time: 10:45am – 1pm
Location: Li Hall, St. John’s Cathedral

UNICEF Syria Crisis

syria_coverFor weeks and months we have been reading about the pros and cons of a ‘Military Solution’ for Syria. What is ignored in these stories of conflict is the very human cost. Per the UNHCR’s count, the number of Syrians forced to seek shelter abroad since civil war began in March 2011 passed the 2 million mark on Tuesday with no sign of the outflow ending soon. “The war is now well into its third year and Syria is hemorrhaging women, children and men who cross borders often with little more than the clothes on their backs,” the UN refugee agency said in a statement on 3 September released to mark the milestone.

Now, across the borders, they are still not safe – they are trying to survive and are fearful of having to flee again. The children in particular are at great risk of forced labour, sexual exploitation and trafficking and in need of specialist child services.

This year alone, UNICEF has provided nearly 167,000 children with psychosocial assistance and more than 118,000 children with education, ensuring their rights to education are not deprived by the conflict. Besides, UNHCR has registered all one million children, giving them an identity, preventing them from becoming stateless, and provided them with safe shelters.

The crisis is not yet over. The Syria Regional Refugee Response plan, which calls for HK$23.4 billion (US$3 billion), is currently only 38 per cent funded. More support is needed to rescue these vulnerable children. You can help by making a donation to UNICEF.

NYHQ2012-1300HK$1,500 means 962 doses of measles vaccine, to protect children from this deadly disease

HK$2,800 provides 2 sets of of School-in-a-Box Kit, which is a ready-made education solution predominately used in emergencies. They include solar radio, chalkboard and stationeries etc, and benefit 80 students.

HK$3,500 for 18 first aid kits, to treat the injured children

For more information and to donate, please visit their website.

About The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF:
The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF was founded in 1986. As one of the 36 national committees for UNICEF, to organise fundraising and advocacy activities to provide financial support for UNICEF’s programmes across over 190 countries and territories to help children survive and thrive.

The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF aims to arouse public awareness of the plight of children in developing countries and of the need to champion children’s rights.

The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF also organise programmes to encourage youth participation in voluntary services.