The Warehouse Teenage Club

14 Jul

warehouse logoThe Warehouse Teenage Club (Warehouse) is a registered charitable non- profit founded in 1992 by the late University of Hong Kong Professor Frank White. He observed many Hong Kong’s youngsters lacked a purpose in life and space to develop healthy hobbies, and loitered in the streets after school. Some even became addicted to alcohol and abused drugs. Determined to find a safe place for youth to develop healthily and holistically, Prof White and his like-minded associates championed the need for The Warehouse Teenage Club. warehouse tabletennisToday The Warehouse Teenage Club offers a variety of activities including music, graffiti art, dance, drama, social activities, adventure-based education and sports to young people between the ages of 13 and 25.

Warehouse is housed in what was once Aberdeen Police Station. In 19th mid- century, the first Aberdeen Police Station was established. Due to the growing population in southern district in late 19th century, Hong Kong government determined to exploit the hummock near the seashore along Aberdeen Main Road. A new Police Station (two-storey building of red bricks) was built in 1891. It became a Marine PoliceTraining School in 1969 when a modern police station was built in Staunton Bay. After a full-scale renovation in 1995, it changed to the site of The Warehouse Teenage Club. To reflect the significant historical value of the building, The Antiquities and Monuments Office has classified Warehouse as Grade III historical building.

Their Mission: The Warehouse Teenage Club strives to remain the Second Home for youngsters to develop their creativity and multiple talents through meaningful, innovative, and effectual activities. Warehouse hopes to broaden their horizons, enhance their learning, and cultivate youngsters who not only treasure life, but also respect others, and be confident and reliable to contribute actively to the society.
Warehouse Camp_2
Volunteering: Are you interested in volunteer work and helping in youth development? The Warehouse Teenage Club needs volunteers to help with programme implementation, office work, design, public relations and IT technical support.

For more information please visit their website, complete the Volunteer Application Form, and register to be Warehouse Volunteer!


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