Foster a Cat

28 May

hk alley cats watchHere is a different kind of volunteering. Would you like to be a foster parent for a cat? If you love animals and are living in Hong Kong short-term, you don’t have to be lonely without a pet!! Hong Kong Alley Cats would love to hear from you.

Hong Kong Alley Cats are always are in need of foster homes for new born kittens (who need bottle feeding), young cats or older kittens. And please don’t forget about FIV positive cats. A lot of FIV positive cats are friendly, happy and not showing any signs of the disease.

Families who have separate rooms and can keep cats quarantined (so we know whether or not they are harbouring any nasty viruses), would be very helpful. If you have other cats, this should be alright, as long as you keep your cats and the foster cats separate.

Further information on fostering is available on their website.

hkacwlogoAbout HK Alley Cats Watch: HK Alley Cats Watch was founded in 1997. Privately funded, its sole aim was to help the plight of Hong Kong’s street cats. This it achieved through trap, neuter, and release, a homing program for the friendly ones, and in looking after the general welfare and health of the cats on the streets.

In 2003, the co-founders registered as a society in order to help raise much needed funds and to extend its reach to potential carers of Hong Kong’s alley cats.

The basic principles remain unchanged and that is to work towards decreasing, and eventually eliminating, the number of cat colonies through trap, neuter and release. To encourage people to show tolerance towards animals in general, and in tandem with other animal welfare groups, to educate the public in responsible pet ownership.

Money raised through their fund-raising efforts and donations goes exclusively to the animals they strive to help. The majority of HK Alley Cats Watch’s funding is spent on veterinary treatment from the standard check-up, worming, vaccinations, and medicines if necessary, on operations for those that have met with an accident or were born with a birth defect that can be righted. A smaller, but not insignificant amount goes towards feeding the cats on the street.

For more information about HK Alley Cats Watch and their work, please visit their website.


One Response to “Foster a Cat”

  1. Johnathon Aguilar June 21, 2013 at 7:12 pm #

    Please contact for more details on how to become a foster or visit our Adoption Gallery Page to see all the cats & kittens currently needing homes. We will do our best to help as many kittens & cats as practically possible, but it all depends on how many foster homes we’ve got available. So if you’d like to help, please contact us without delay!

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