Feeding Hong Kong

30 Sep

Despite relative economic prosperity, over 18% of the population in Hong Kong lives under the poverty line. This figure includes people from all walks of life, in every district of the SAR. At the same time, more than 3,200 tonnes of food is thrown away each and every day. This discarded food is not only taking up valuable space in our city’s limited landfills but is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Feeding Hong Kong’s mission is simple: to feed people in Hong Kong who would otherwise go hungry. This is their primary goal and their reason for existence. Thankfully, the way Feeding Hong Kong work allows them to achieve a number of other worthwhile goals along the way:
Feeding Hong Kong offers food retailers and manufacturers a convenient, safe and reliable way to channel surplus food to local charities that help feed people in need.
Feeding Hong Kong helps reduce the volume of food waste being sent to landfill.
Feeding Hong Kong raises public awareness about poverty and food insecurity in Hong Kong.
Feeding Hong Kong encourages partnerships between existing government, civil society and private sector efforts.
Feeding Hong Kong promotes volunteerism and support existing community outreach programmes.
Feeding Hong Kong promotes healthy eating and nutritional education to the most vulnerable groups in our community.

As an individual here is how you can help:
Drivers: If you are 25 years old or older, hold a class 2 drivers license and have driven for over 2 years, you can help with food deliveries and pick-ups.
Driver Assistants: Help with food drive supply deliveries and food donation pick-ups
Fresh Food Collection Assistants: Volunteers to collect donations from bakeries and fresh food outlets and immediately drop off at a close-by partner charity.
Warehouse Assistants: Volunteers needed in the warehouse as team members to be responsible for a variety of tasks including shipping, receiving, inventory control, customer service, food sorting and repacking, and assembly of charity orders.
For more information about Feeding Hong Kong and their volunteer opportunities, please visit their website.


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