UNICEF Yunan Emergency Appeal

11 Sep

On 7 September 2012, two earthquakes of 5.7 and 5.6 magnitude hit a border area near Yiliang in Yunnan and Weining county in Guizhou province. 81 persons died and more than 200,000 persons are in urgent need. The disaster damaged over 350,000 houses and affected 256,900 families.

UNICEF is very concerned that large numbers of children have been deeply traumatized by this earthquake. One of the most urgent and challenging needs is to quickly attend to the psycho-social needs of children whose lives have been turned upside down by the disaster. Therefore, in cooperation with Government partners, UNICEF is in the process of setting up Child Friendly Spaces in Yiliang County to deliver urgent services for children and families. The aim is to provide them a safe environment and help them resume their normal life after the earthquake. Here is how you can help.

provide 2 basic family water kits to enable children to drink and wash safely.
provide 2 recreation kits to provide psycho-social support to children in Child Friendly Space through games.
provide 769 children with exercise books and pencils, to enable them to resume learning after the quake.
To donate, please visit their website

UNICEF, United Nation’s Children’s Fund, is the world’s leading UN organization working specifically for children. Since their establishment in 1946, they have been working with other UN agencies, governments and NGOs to ensure children’s rights in survival, development, protection and participation. UNICEF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1965 for its efforts and contributions to children worldwide. UNICEF is now working in over 150 countries, areas and territories to provide emergency relief and run long-term development programmes such as health, education and child protection. Over 86% of UNICEF staff work in the field and more than 90% donations are spent in UNICEF‘s field programmes. UNICEF receives no funding from the United Nations, and relies on people like you to help build a world fit for children.


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