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UNICEF: One Million Children at Risk

20 Apr

1 million children are facing nutrition crisis in West Africa.
It may not make media headlines, but this crisis is worth our attention.

This is not a crisis without warning, not like an earthquake or a tsunami. There has not been any rain for a long time in the Sahel. Crops are failing, animals are dying and food is becoming more expensive.

UNICEF has been preparing for the last seven months, buying and shipping lifesaving medicine and therapeutic food to children. UNICEF HK has allocated HK$780,000 from the Emergency Relief Fund for this crisis. Adam Chan, one of UNICEF Young Envoys from Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School, set up an event in his school and raised over HK$9,000 for the Sahel.

With just HK$12, less than what we may spend on an afternoon tea, we can treat a malnourished child a day of therapeutic food and – save a life. Help fight this crisis by donating to UNICEF.

About Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF :
The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF was founded in 1986. As one of the 36 national committees for UNICEF, they organize fundraising and advocacy activities to provide financial support for UNICEF’s programmes across over 150 countries and territories to help children survive and thrive.

Their Mission: The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF’s aim is to arouse public awareness of the plight of children in developing countries and of the need to champion children’s rights.
The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF also organize programmes to encourage youth participation in voluntary services.

Volunteering: Want to help the suffering children? You don’t have to be a millionaire; all you need is passion and faith in making the world a better place. Be a volunteer to help the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF save millions of those suffering in the world. UNICEF Hong Kong offers different types of work in which you can exercise your strength and make the most direct contribution to relieve the hardship of others. Volunteers help UNICEF Hong Kong minimize their operation cost, too. Visit their website for more information.