Emergency Appeal: Somalia Crisis

3 Sep

© Brendan Bannon

Medical emergency arising from the crisis in Somalia
MSF urgently needs your help to support their current emergency relief work to assist the hundreds of thousands of Somali population affected by the ongoing crisis. The drought that hit this area, one of the worst in decades, compounded by historical high cereal prices and excessive livestock mortality, has further hardened the already dire situation in this country troubled by 20 years of internal fighting. Their teams are fully stretched in various locations inside Somalia, as well as assisting exhausted refugees crossing Somalia’s borders into Ethiopia and Kenya. Besides treating severely malnourished children, MSF is also conducting measles vaccination, treating cholera cases and performing surgeries.

Other ways of helping MSF
Volunteering: Each year, about 2,000 aid workers of all nationalities leave on MSF field missions to join around 23,000 staff in the countries of humanitarian assistance. Life on a mission is full of challenges, but also full of joy.
MSF organises recruitment and information session on a regular basis. During the session, recently returned field workers give a presentation about their mission and share their experiences in the field with potential field workers.
If you meet the requirements for the field position(s) and are interested in being one of the field workers, the sessions will give you better understanding of work in the field and help you prepare for your future mission.
For more information visit their website.

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